Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hampi & Badami - the beautiful faces and arts of India

The swami selling herbs in Hampi

I could not sleep again tonight though it's already passed midnight as I was in the same state of mind last night. Due to insufficient rest, I was away from work a.k.a on emergency leave today. We went for cinema at 2045 show which ended around 2315. It was to watch Johny Depp latest movie"Lone Ranger". I love almost all Johny Depp's movie including this 1. See the trailer below, it was a hilarious show.

I actually loves writing as much as I love reading. Though there's a lot of spelling mistakes in my previous entry and some stupid choices of sentences that I chose, I still forsake myself for the error and will not quitting that easily. My blog is becoming my personal space where I can write anything that I like without bothering about if there's a grammar mistakes, whether people like my writing or not. There's nothing worries me, I'm free to write and post what I like. Anyway, to err is human!

So, I thought of sharing tonight some of the faces and the sculpture that I snapped which I found interesting, maybe similar to Johny Depp's face in the lone ranger movie from the group monuments of Hampi in Karnataka state. The picture tells a thousand story which I found very interesting to study them in person or as by looking at the arts of faces expression.

A family devotee at a school temple

The obedient son with a nice hair cut

I'm also sharing here some of the humbles and generous southern Indian people who pose willingly for me. I indeed greatly indebted to their kindness.

Streching her legs at Hampi Bazaar

This girl is too young to be a mother, but she was :(

Last but not least is my photo with the grandmother who I met in Badami cave temple paying a visit with her family. Her son took her there and her son was too kind to help me snapped below photo of his mother and I.

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