Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vijayawada Sightseeing - Bhavani Island

Tour date: 23rd June 2012

On Saturday afternoon of 23rd June 2012, I left the office right after lunch to take hubby for sightseeing in Vijayawada city's attraction. We passed Durga Temple as he never likes to visit any. Of course we are different in nature and character but a compromise in marriage does help a lot. After all, love and compassion are all that you need to stay together for long. Hope, until death do us apart :) Okay, We had to take a boat as the island is not accessible via land.

Our destination was to see what is there Bhavani Island has to offer. Office colleague had given a recommendation that Bhavani Island is good for picnic. It is perhaps a largest island on a Krishna river, seated closely to the Vijayawada city. The boat ride is very short, so do not very so much about the transportation as the boats are mostly readily available every half an hour or so. 

Andhra Pradesh (AP) tourism is converting the 133 acre island into an attractive tourist spot and at present there is a nice decent river front resort in the island. Bhavani Island is located very near to Prakasam Barrage. It offers a marvelous picnic spot for the family. It also has maintained a swimming pools, food court and other facilities for the visitors. In addition, the AP Tourism Development Corporation making a good arrangement for boating and fishing. Let's have a view what was available as recorded in my photo collection.

Locals and tourist are enjoying the water adventure and water spots which were made available in the island. Beside fishing, a ride into and within neighborhood island is very interesting. The view while riding a boat to the island was marvelous. 

As for us, we do not quite like it very much. Maybe due to summer weather and the heat makes Bhavani Island not properly ventilated. Besides, the smells of peat land is not to our liking. Hence, after a short walk (less than an hour), we decided to leave with the next available boat. 

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