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Bali, Indonesia in 2005

Tour date: 30th April till 3rd May 2005

I'm writing this entry in a memory of the late Capt. (R) A.Asohan, a dear friend that I met when I was 10 years working in MMC Engineering & Services. With him, an expert in Treasure Hunt, we had entered numerous treasure hunting competition and with him too, our team had made it to the top 3, never below. The first trip together as a team, we had bagged a 1st place during KRMMC treasure hunt to Cherating. That was the time when our 2 families were getting to know each other. But the best among all was during a Treasure Hunt competition organised by Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) or known as Malaysia Highway Authority. LLM had invited all Highway concessionaires within Klang Valley for the events. The event was named as "Highway Hunt 2005". Asohan and I represented SMART Tunnel concession company with another 2 colleagues.

Temple in Bali - I was informed by Asohan that the Hindu forbid female on menstrual to enter the temple. It was similar to what Muslim practice too. 

God bless, we had again won the first price and the price for the winning team was a cash money of RM1,000 and a free ticket to Bali (with 2 nights accommodation). 2 members of our team (Asohan and I) was very happy as Asohan and I can bring our spouse for the trip with a fair compensation to other 2 members who opted not to go due to work load. We flew with Air Asia flight on 30th April and arrived after dawn where we checked-in and settled for the night. The next 2 days were fully occupied with itineraries within the island.

Our group of 5 at Bali airport on departure back to KL after 4 days 3 night trips in Bali

Through his contact, Asohan had arranged a 3rd night accommodation and a transportation with driver when we landed in Bali. We brought along Nasrul, the apple boy. It was his first trip outside Malaysia. I do not have much photos to share as all was lost in the hard disk event. What left suffice to record our memory with the man of a big and kindest heart, rested in Heaven now. You may rest in peace, dear Asohan. We all know that God will look after you.

Asohan educated us so much about the Hindu epic story from Mahabratha book as Bali is a land of the Hindu

On memory, I recalled places that we visited during the trip which I'm sharing in this entry. Among others, watching sunset at Tanah Lot, fresh mountain air and scenic view of the stepped @ terraced paddy field, watching traditional kechak dance, lunch over looking Batur Volcano at Kintamani, shopping a handmade local products at Ubud village, a picture (now gone) with turtles and snakes at Turtle Island on glass-bottomed boat, a 20 minutes from Tanjung Benoa Beach which include a snorkeling adventure and most important the valued and precious time spent with the late Asohan and his beautiful wife, Pathma.   

The farmer helped me to pose at Ubud village after coconut tree drink

Our check-out from a nice resort owned by Asohan's family friend. Nasrul use to show peace sign a lot (like the mother), but now at the age of 16 he stopped doing it, in fact for many years I have not seen him showing a peace sign

Wonderful shopping cum diner in Hard Rock Cafe, Bali (p/s: with a small boy)

Alas Kedaton Holy Monkey Forest, where hundreds of "tame" and very mischievous monkeys live in the forest surrounding the temple

An attempt to see starfish failed during snorkeling trip

Tanah Lot, carved out of the landscape by tides, wind and rains, the huge offshore sentinel rock, the site of a picturesque sea-temple dating from the 16th century

Batur Volcano as a background photo after lunch and coffee

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