Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Love August Month

Well yes, since I have a lot to celebrate in August, I becoming excited when the month comes. 1 thing for sure, I will not forget to give myself a birthday gift. So, this year I bought myself a newly launched 11-inch Mac Book Air. It is very light, 1.08kg which is half of my 13-inch Mac Book Pro, weighted at 2.04kg. I even cloth it with a nice shocking pink cover.

I love Apple products. I even get my Apple Boy (Nasrul, my youngest son is the apple of my eye) a 27-inch iMac on his last birthday, i.e. last Christmas. He was overly excited with the gift which he carried himself home and slept next to the iMac box the night he brought it home. The box was only open the next day after school. I never had a chance to use, even once. Naim and I are both using Iphone 5 whilst Syahirah had her Iphone 4s for her last year birthday. 

There's a lot of happening in August month, I hope. Anne and I have just finalized our 2nd leg of the race itinerary after a successful trip of the 1st leg. This time, we included my 2 sister as they both wishes that I'll take them around a place from the history book which they read. Out of guilt, I extended my offer and out of the blue they agreed to tag along with me and Anne the whole train journey. You guys had to wait our 2nd leg coverage as the countdown of another 8 months trip starts in August this year.

Beside, they will be a lot of family and social event in the following month:-
  1. August - My birthday on 16th, Naim's birthday on 17th
  2. September - Company's annual dinner
  3. October - 4 wedding's in Selangor and Kelantan. I love wedding!
I guess I've been born as a happy Leo and before I pen off, let say Happy birthday to me and to Naim.

The Apple boy with his iMac

Remarks: For August month, I shall try my level best to continue with my travelogue, maybe finish it all. There are few places still left. It would not be so much problem as I just found a printed photos saved in the photo box. 
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