Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vijayawada Sightseeing - Surya Lanka Beach

Tour date: 24th June 2012

Hubby spent his daily afternoon by playing tennis at the court available just opposite our apartment. He easily found friends with his ever ready smiley face. Due to that and due to my work load, we decided not to explore any other part of the Southern India as initially plan. It was fine that he stayed at home while waiting for me to return from work. But we do have lunch daily at home.

So, on Sunday morning we left quite early to Bapatla small town to experience Vijayawada beaches in a nearby area. Our destination was to reach the famous Surya Lanka Beach. That was the second time I went to the beach while in India. The first time was when I went touring to Araku Valley, an afternoon that I spent in Vishakapatnam (Vizag) beach. Sadly that I have lost all photos in Vizag during that visit.

However, the journey to Surya Lanka Beach was very pleasant. We both felt like we were having a third honeymoon, without Nasrul, our trip usually becoming less stressful. The beach was about 93km in distance from Vijayawada city. We took a turn from Guntur junction along Vijayawada - Chilakaluripet Highway that our company is constructing.

The journey takes about 1 and a half hour. The marvelous village scenery, mostly green with fertile land along the journey makes it more interesting and peaceful to watch. We found a river stream and unique locals village house, which we have not seen before in our entire life. We made a stop and snapped a photo with the locals. 

When we reached the beach, it was like any other festive beach in any part of the world. There's crowd of peoples having their picnic and swimming with their family. There's a lot of food stall and gift shops that can be found here. In overall, we did enjoy our time looking at them. 

I hope you guys would enjoy all nice photos sharing in this entry during that lovely trip. Thanks for visiting.

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