Saturday, October 31, 2015

The last day of October Month 2015

I like to call October 2015 as a holiday cum celebration month. A celebration as there's many reasons to do so. Firstly, 2015 yearly exam was over which mean 2 years has gone by since I became a part time university student. Secondly, I visited my home town after many years of not going home to attend a niece wedding shortly after and thirdly, I went to enjoy a 16 days well planned vacation for the 4th leg train rides in a happy mode with my best friend, Ane. Today, I thought of writing the memory of October before facing a reality and a new resolution for November 2015. Strange right? To have a resolution when there's 10 months already passes for 2015 and we have another 2 months to welcome 2016.

Autumn seems to be the best season to travel, don't you think so too?
Well, not to me. I can change any old tradition whenever I felt like doing so. I too have decided to devote my whole remaining life to the creator by making a silent prayer day and night for Him not to neglect me. Yes, I pray daily for an istiqamah straight path, the path that in Allah's favor and not to the one for those who go astray. For those non-muslim, that prayer was recited in the 1st magical surah of the Al-Quran, the Opening, Al-Fatiha that the Muslim recited in their daily prayer. I take the meaning of Al-Fatiha deeply to my heart whenever I pray to the Almighty.

Missing the lovely parks by now
My apology to get carried away. For your information, I used all photos snapped at the lovely autumn's park in St Petersburg in this entry, which becoming my most favorite among the many thousands snapped that Ane and I took during those 16 days. We left the hazy Kuala Lumpur and we returned home in the same situation hazy sky. The news reported that the haze was getting really bad few days before our arrival. But, from the day we landed until today, Allah has brought down lots of rains, down pouring the bad weather sky. Alhamdulillah, the blue sky has finally returned 3 days ago that mades all Malaysian feeling blessed with Allah's blessed rains. A sudden changes of East Coast winds direction helps to push the dirty haze away from polluting our beautiful sky.

I take a lot of selfie like this 1 whenever I saw Ane was busy taking her photos

Starting tomorrow, I shall get back to reality as classes is resuming in November too. It's also a time for me to get some targeted certification for the office beside cleaning and cleaning the house that we wanted to put on sale. I guessed I should get on my feet and taking all of those obligatory duties seriously. After all, no one can spend away their life on vacation forever when there's still obligation left being a wife, a mother, a worker etc which means a person's duty in this life. Both duties in this life and in preparation for the life thereafter must be done at this urgent time. No compromised anymore. 

Cute little thing that I paid attention during travel, the statue

Well, there's also a long list of blog entries that I have drafted while on Sapsan's speed train from St Petersburg to Moscow. After thinking carefully, I should be able to finish the travelogue on the travel in November month. I shall concentrates on the 8 cities stop attraction after those travels journal by flight, by bus, by cruise and by trains has been completed. Or maybe I should consider writing about the "Food" category before start writing about the attractions. Whatever it is I promised you that it will be an exciting and interesting entries to record the long and tiring journey.

There's more to see
Hence, please bear with me in rearranging my time to complete the research, photos selections in between other obligatory duties that I supposed to do too. Maybe 1 day, I would be able to fully concentrated on writing once all debts has been cleared. One day perhaps, I would be able to retire where I can spend unlimited times to write and write. Maybe I should be writing a book 1 day. IshaAllah, may Allah realized my prayer and my dreams before He takes me away. Amen!

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