Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flower Garden at Rijksmuseum courtyard

We stayed 2 days in Amsterdam where we were just exploring the city by foot from Best Westin Hotel. There are about 70 museums all over Amsterdam. The main ones seated less than 1km from the hotel. By the time we reached the major museums area, thank God that Anne simply agree when I chose to explore Van Goh Museum. We have about 1 hour to explore before the museum's closing time of 6pm every day. As soon as they closed for a day, we spent sometimes at the large field behind the museums taking advantage of the beautiful weather snapped photos. 

Thereafter we walked ahead towards Rijksmuseum as Anne yearn so much to record herself standing next to "I AM STERDAM" large words fixed by the municipal in front of the museum. After we have finished posing and posing, we turned to the left towards the hotel direction. The museum has closed by that time. My eyes caught to the museum's below sign (in the photo I mean) "Tuinen" meaning garden and straightaway asked the DSLR camera from Anne in order for me to snap all the photos that I wishes so much to share with all of you. Should you visit the Rijks Museum in future, do pay them a visit and say lot's of gratitude for being able to see the beauties of God's creation in a good care of the museum's gardener.

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