Friday, October 2, 2015

Kuala Terengganu - Pantai Batu Buruk

Date of visit : 27th September 2015

Pantai Batu Buruk, a public beach accessible from Jalan Persinggahan. 

I’m writing here about the beach, “Pantai Batu Buruk” in relation to my earlier post about Primula Beach Hotel. Kindly take note that the first photo (shared from other website, not mine) was where I was roaming 30 years ago when I was 16th years old. The beach is close by to the city center. Pantai Batu Buruk literally means Beach of the Ugly Stone. It is popular destination by the locals but it is considered too dangerous for swimming. Admittedly when I was nearing the sea water while taking a stroll at night with Nasrul, there’s a strong sensation of sea waves pulling me into its territory that created a scary feeling. I left immediately upon sensing that weird and nonsense feeling.

After breakfast the next morning, I was more than happy when Naim offered to take a stroll along the beach with me. I walked barefoot enjoying the white sands touching my free feet. It was heavenly feeling beside a beautiful and clean view of Primula private beach though in hazy days. My favourite photo among all in this entry are Naim at the beach guard post and me sitting on the beach floor. All photos were snapped using IPhone 6 Plus.

Batu Buruk and its surrounding beaches are easily reached from Kuala Terengganu by private transportation including a mini bus (No.14 / 13), trishaw and taxi or even on foot if you like walking It takes about 20min from city center if you choose to walk. There’s many activities at the beach side, i.e. horse carriage ride that takes you around the park beside a kite sailing.

Seated closest to the city center makes the beach as a strategic venue to visit by many locals as well as tourist from other places. With the shades provided by rows of coconut trees, Casuarinas Tree and the cool breeze of the South China Sea, people drop by to simply sitting by the beach to relax, strolling or picnicking along the beach. Besides, with the typical tropical heat, this is indeed a great hide away for many. Although one should be mindful that it is not recommended, or even allowed, to swim here due to the strong waves.

All photos shared in this entry are taken from the private beach of Primula Hotel. As you can see, the beach offers a clear horizon view where a views of fishermen’s boats and ships are visibly near. During clear sunny days, Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas can be sighted. There’s none shown on my photos as haze has spreading into the East Side of Malaysia. The beach is frequently visited during the weekends and normally packed during school holidays. The white sandy beach then filled with colourful beach blankets for picnics and people from every age. With the benefits of open beach and strong breeze, people use to fly kites which came in many shapes and colours to fill the clear blue sky, on free haze day.

Food stall are everywhere, hence you should have less worry about where to get the drinks and snacks.  At the opposite direction from Primula Hotel), there is Taman Awam Batu Buruk, a recreational park, where the food court is. You may enjoy variety of local food such as Nasi Dagang, Fried Ice Cream, fried sea foods etc. There is a playground, sizable skate park available in this area.

I would strongly recommend you to visit and bring all your family members along should you are in town.
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