Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flying to a Multi City with Qatar Airline

We chose to fly with Qatar Airways again for the 4th leg, the same airline we took  in our 2nd leg. I initially thought of taking Lufthansa Airline but had to take Ane's wise advice since their fare is nearly 18% cheaper and about RM50 cheaper than the ticket we bought last year. As usual, we opted for flying via multi city choice this time again, i.e. Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Paris and return via Moscow - Doha - Kuala Lumpur. Beside a wise decision on the monetary face value, we got to experience a new Hamad International Airport that was officially open on 30th April 2014. 

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Flying is always an enjoying thing to do although the 2 sad incidents involving our beloved country airline, MAS which has greatly despair the whole nation. Rest assured, all Malaysian are loyal to MAS and I will always choose MAS for any routes to Asia. Next route in Asia, i.e. from Hanoi to Beijing would definitely be via Malaysia Airline, again on multi city coverage. As usual, Qatar Airline has a special contract at Gate C37, right to end of the east or west wing (not sure) of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A great walk indeed to reach their boarding and unfortunately an arrival gate from/to the main terminal building. Below photo was when the 2 of us waited in the departure hall, about 15 minutes before boarding time.

Travelling without family, I was maintaining only check-in baggage and 1 cabin luggae, i.e. my bag pack. Surprisingly, my below bag was weighted only 22.7 kg. Boarding ticket was printed a day earlier at the office so, both Ane and I merely approach a drop-in counter in F check-in counter separately. The counter lady was very efficiently, unlike the 1 that Nazhif experienced while checked-in for his Emirates flight to Glasgow. I mean, the present situation in Malaysia has resulting people to act very weirdly in oppressing people for some extra pocket mone, but not this lady. There are facts in life that we cannot deny but to admit that people did silly thing because they have their reason to do so. Let's just pray for everyone to have a peace of mind when doing a wrongdoing, that later in his life, Allah shall ease his burden and he/she able to seek forgiveness for any sins. Everyone sins right? No one is pure!

As soon as I found my seat, I neglected everything, in-flight meal etc and straight heading to find a vacant spot for me to lying down. Thank God, I had a beautiful rested night before arriving in Doha and chasing the next plane to Paris. I did woke-up before arrival time, found my way for toilet calls, chit-chatting with beautiful and friendly stewardess who later complimented my new Timberland shoes that matches my headscarf. Aiko, the Japanese stewardess and I conversed a bit more where we shared the same view about how painful is our pocket due to currency exchange these days that not only impacted Malaysia but Japan too. She informed that there's only 174 passengers out of 3401 available seats that night and the whole crew member are 16. Before we parted, she gave me chocolates as a gift whilst I told her to enjoy her holiday break in London a week after. How kind. I'm so very lucky, as always... 

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Since all my photos are not as clear and beautiful as the 1 in Hamad International website, I cant stop myself sharing the above inside view of the new airport. We only explore an areas somewhere near to our departure gate A where I found a Virgin Airline shop and recorded my presence at the new airport as evidence. We were not interested in any shopping (not yet) and not even planning for a cup of coffee. Hence, as soon as the boarding gates open, we join the ques line.

I did not sleep in the second route, rather enjoying an in-flight movies and meals. It was about 6 and a half hours flight to Paris, via flight QR 41. The mileage from Doha to Paris is 4,995 km as can be seen from the monitor in front of us. 6 hours indeed a long time. I spent those 6 hours watching 3 movies. Hence, on the return flight there's not much movie anymore to see, rather Bollywood and Korean movies seem to be the best choice. 

There's no photo captured during a return flight on 24th and 25th October. The main reason was, we were both too tired with cameras. Secondly, we were not place by the window seat, which was more frustrating. Thirdly, we badly need sleep and food than anything else. After 16 days away from home, food is the only thing that we are craving most. Hubby was a bit late in fetching me on 25th October, so Ane and I decided to have lunch together at the airport. Later, hubby and I were at the KLIA Mitsui Outlet looking for ole-ole for Naim. 

Before I pen-off for today, I wish to share the unlucky incident happened during our flight transfer from Doha to Kuala Lumpur. We landed at 12.05 local time from Moscow and due to the airport traffic, we arrived the main terminal building at our next flight boarding time, 12.25. Ane has misheard "Colombo" as "Kuala Lumpur" and insisted to stay with the Colombo group. Though we were already late, we were unaware that we followed a wrong group assisted by QNA staff. My heart almost stopped when I discovered the mistake and we had to run off back to our original gate B13 from gate C. The new airport is really no joke, a similar kind of journey you discovered when in an Emirates terminal to find. We were lucky that day, but I do not wish to repeat the same error again in future.

Paris CDG Airport at sunrise on 9th October 2015

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