Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A flower bazaar in Brussel's Town Hall

It was a hectic traveling day passing a few pit stop all the way from Kuala Lumpur to be in the first city of our 4th leg train rides, Brussel. Hence, I was sleeping by the time we settled ourself in Bruxelles (the way French pronounce it) Ibis Hotel. Anne went out that evening to the famous Town Hall or famously referred as Grand Place leaving me alone dozing in bed. First thing next morning, i.e. on Saturday both of us were at the Grand Place. The place is always full of people. I spot a flower bazaar selling all sorts of local flowers that was on the courtyard. As I did not bring my own DSLR camera on this trip, I asked Anne to lend me hers. Below photos was what I snapped on that day in Brussels. 

Last but not least, the photographer who was working very hard and being in her own world, ignoring all staring eyes due to capture all those beautiful creation Allah, selfie using her monopod. Rest assured the lady in the photo are more than happy to share these photo with whoever wanted to copy them.

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