Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Train Rides 2015 - 4th Leg Earthbound Travels - Paris to Moscow

Tomorrow, 8th of October 2015 Anne and I are taking a night flight via Qatar Airways to reach Paris and shall commence our 4th leg of the train rides to the west. I have just printed tickets of our 2 connecting flights through e-check in ticket this morning, luggage all set up and by the will of Allah s.w.t. we shall depart with a bless feeling. Fisrtly, I would love sharing here with you guys our travel map. We chose to enter 3 out of 4 Scandinavian country to reach 2 cities in Russia. I initially insisted to take a route to Oslo from Copenhagen in order to make a complete stop, but had listen to Anne's advised. True, the distance and 1 more stop could prolong our yearly leaves entitlement etc. 
This time, 3562 km coverage via Scandinavian country to connect Europe and Russia

The itinerary seem quite simple this time round, covering 8 countries (France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia) and overnight in 8 cities (Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Moscow). When I first started the route map in February 2013, Anne and I was planning to commence the journey only in February 2018. Having the map back in our head, we could not wait and not able to sleep well thinking of the excitement and joy that shall awaits ahead of us, we hence started below journey thus far:- 

2013  - 1st Leg : Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (East)
2014 - 2nd Leg : Istanbul to Paris (West)
2014 - 3rd Leg : Bangkok - Hanoi (East)

The following are the brief itinerary and cost that we have spent and/paid and about to charge to credit card (mainly accommodation) to assist those who wishes to plan their own trip like we do. For reference, we only brought along Euro1,000 for foods, entrance ticket and souvenirs shopping. Other expenditure, i.e. shopping will be by credit card. To be honest, this year is not a good time to travel due to the present situation in Malaysia that have impacted our Malaysian Ringgit. In addition, I have spent quite a lot of money for Nazhif's year 1 study in University of Glasgow.  



Cities Transport Accomodation Cost (MYR) Cost (Others)
3rd March 2015 KL-Doha-Paris-Moscow-KL Qatar Airways In-flight RM5,370.00  
9 - 11 October Brussels (3D2N)   Ibis Hotel Brussels off Grand' Place RM791.00 € 190.00
11 - 13 October Amsterdam (3D2N)   Best West Leidse Square Hotel RM783.00 € 188.00
13 - 14 October Hamburg (2D1N)   Hotel Furst Bismarck RM383.00 € 95.00
14 - 16 October Copenhagen (3D2N)   Hostel Urban House Conpenhagen RM665.91 DKK 1188
16 - 18 October Stockholm (3D2N)   Crystal Plaza Hotel RM830.00 SEK 1843
18 - 19 October Baltic Sea (1N) Viking Line In-cruise    
19 - 21 October Helsinki (3D2N)   Omena Hotel Helsinki Lonnrotinkatu RM641.78 € 151.80
21 - 23 OCTOBER (3D2N) St. Petersburg   Grand Mark Hotel RM358.00 RUB 5300
23 - 24 OCTOBER (2D1N) Moscow    Element Hotel RM317.00 RUB 4700
      Sub total RM4,769.69  
Visa 10 working days   August RM1,100.00  
Train Ticket       ticket for 2  
9/10/2015 Paris CDG - Brussels Central Thalys 92D before departure (9 July 2015) € 44.00  
11/10/2015 Brussels Central - Amsterdam Central Thalys 92D before departure (11 July 2015) € 58.00  
13/10/2015 Amsterdam Central - Hamburg Hbf ICE 92D before departure (14 July 2015) € 98.00  
14/10/2015 Hamburg Hbf -Koebenhavn Hbf ICE 92D before departure (15 July 2015) € 67.00 9.28am
16/10/2015 Koebenhavn Hbf - Stockholm Central (Cityterminalen) Danish (DSB) & Swedish Raiways (SJ) 92D before departure (17 July 2015) € 81.67 SEK762
18/10/2015 Stockholm Port - Helsinki Port Viking Line Booked on 19 July 2015 € 189.00 (Incl breakfast Euro 10/pax)
21/10/2015 Helsinki - St Petersburg Allergro Booked on 24 July 2015 $195.25  
23/10/2015 St Petersburg - Moscow Sapsan Booked on 24 July 2015 $166.00  
      Sub total € 898.92  
        € 537.67 RM2,318.00
        $361.25 RM1,374.50
12/10/2015 5.5 hrs Amsterdam city tour & Volendam Ground Argmt 9.00 am - 2.30 pm € 90.00 RM432.00



Anne and I have been planning to have a fine dining meal at a halal restaurant that we have searched along the route. For the first time, I have chosen not to bring my DSLR camera and shall rely only on my IPhone 6 Plus to capture the moment. Stay tune for my daily entry for those fine dining that we planned for the next 16 days in all the cities that we stopped.

Thank you for following and reading my blog. I'm humbly touch.

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