Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A florist shop in front of Magasin Du Nord, Copenhagen

We arrived 2 hours late in Hamburg as the change train from Osnabruck was delayed for 2 hours. Due to that, the station officer had advice us to change train to Belmen and from there we can take another train to reach Hamburg, still resulting almost 1 hour delay still. In addition to that, I got confused with Hamburg-Harbig station. As we had already get down at Harbig station, we had to take a cab to reach a Hamburg central station, a station ahead. It cost me Euro30 for the cab fee. We were too exhausted by the time we were done with check in. Late evening, while strolling down the street to City Hall, I could not find any park or flowers spot that I can explored myself into. Hence, in Copenhagen I took Ane's DSLR and took many flower shots inside Tivoli Garden. Before sharing those photos, I would like to share the many shots that I've took at the florist shop seated outside Magasin Du Nord, an 18th century shopping mall in Copenhagen city. For your information, we are now in Helsinki, Finland. It's been a long journey from home. Admittedly, I'm starting feeling tired of the changing transportation and hotels to reach the next destination. Nevertheless, would love to share some flower entry in to fill the gap. Do enjoy them...

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