Saturday, February 16, 2013

Movie Night - Die Hard 5

Last night, 15th Feb, we thought of taking the children's out for our regular family movie night. No one wishes to follow, hence, we 2 proceeded without them. It was just a movie theatre within our housing area, Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan. The ques to enter and searching for empty parking lot is always a difficult task towards the weekend.

Reaching the cinema, it was another ques (maybe it's because a Chinese New Year celebration is still in the air) but the sense of feeling surrounded with 1 Malaysia is truly blessing. A couple behind whispering that they wanted to watch "Journey to the West", it was a good Chinese movie, I thought. I suggested to Hubby but as the available show would be at 11.45pm, we decided to proceed with Bruce Willis, "A Good day to Die Hard".

As the show starts at 11.30pm, we headed to the shopping mall. Hubby wanted to go to Nokia Centre, then I told him that I shall wait in "Popular" bookshop. There, I found a book by Awang Goneng, "Growing up in Terengganu" (1st book) and "A Map of Terengganu" (his second book). Who is this guy? Today, I found him in here What an interesting adventure to find someone so talented with words and ideas writing a book about his birth place. Which book to buy and read first?

I accompanied hubby for supper and smoke while playing Sudoku on my cell phone. In between I snapped photos for my next entry "What Chinese New Year Mean". All photos are nice, I'm feeling blessed. And the show.. it is what you expected to see from a Die Hard movies, rest assured that you wont be disappointed. Bruce Willis delivered very2 well.

After the show, our parking ticket was not readable and we couldn't find any security guard as it passed midnight. After almost half an hour, hubby had find an illegal way to drive out. What a relief and memorable experience. We went to mamak restaurant in Cheras Perdana of which still crowded at 2am.

A long deep sleep was very nice last night :)
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