Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beijing - Panda Zoo & Foot Massage Centre

Event date: 6th December 2006, Day 4

We had to check out from a hotel in Beijing after the 3rd night as we were moving to Chengde in the afternoon. The morning was tough for me to handle as the children's were all exhausted from an excited Great Wall visit and a show "Legendary Kung Fu of Chun Yi" a night before. Due to the difficulties to get ready, we were too late for our breakfast as the rest of our group was already at the lobby waiting for us. Husband forbid us from taking breakfast. It was a quite ride and 1 of the aunty offered our kids biscuit but they politely turned down the offer politely by saying that "we are grounded". It was lucky that we managed to get a snacks at the Panda Zoo, at a later stop.

It was very thoughtful of Lily suggesting that our group made a quick stop at the Panda Zoo as 40% are children's though it was not in our original itinerary. We were willing to pay the tickets on our own as the Panda Zoo section had the biggest visitor in Beijing Zoo. Photos of them in the zoo are shared here for remembrance.

We found this beautiful lake full with swans and ducks. How blissful and how Nasrul and I wished to stay longer but the bus was calling to go to the next stop, the Pearl factory. Sigh! 

By 11am, we finished seeing the Pearls. Syahirah and Nasrul posed at the entrance of Pearl's showroom.

Before savouring excellent lunch at "Datang Restaurant" where they prepared the hot fish soup suited for cold weather to warm our body, we were brought to the traditional Chinese foot massage. It was nice (the food massage) and the lane to the place was pretty amazing for photos. Thereafter, we were off to Chengde. 

The next stop was at Nanshan Ski Village in south of Miyun County, 62 km from Siyuan Bridge, Beijing. It occupies a total area of more than 4000 m2. It was a resort of 4 seasons, thus, it offers activities such as skiing, water skiing, grass skiing, sliding and gliding. In shorts, tourist are offered skiing in the winter, hiking in the spring, swimming in the summer and fruit-picking in the autumn. Suitable for all seasons, these activities focus on sports while giving consideration to sightseeing at the same time. The children's had a considerably fun time until late evening. There's no photos taken here as the camera was left in the coach. 

After dinner, we check in at Han Ming Hotel, Chengde. To be continued with Chengde places of attraction.
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