Thursday, May 28, 2015

Acme Bar Coffee, A.B.C. to celerate Mothers day and Hubby's Birthday

For a double celebration, I get Naim to suggest a new place other than going to our usual favorite diner spot. ABC, means Acme Bar & Coffee has an attractive website and ambiance, which attracted me the most. Furthermore, it is located on the ground floor of the Troika Building that I assisted IJM's construction team representing the Risk Management Department, way back in 2011. We did not have made any reservation though, hence, we got to wait about 15 minutes before the waiter ushered us to the seating right at the back, with KLCC Tower as background. All of us were happy with the choices, though this fine dining cost a bit high.

24 years together, celebrating his 53 year old birthday and 2015 mother's day 

Some photo while waiting at the reception, gazing at the menu

We parked our car at an opposite 3-storey public car parking, added the whole area becoming so convenience. Troika seated just across to PNB Darby Park, where another favorite restaurant of mine, Koong Joong is located. A.B.C. added to a vibrant dining scene in the heart of KL. It had a modern feel of the West with hints of Asian influences without the usual cliches. The food is simply cooked, in an ambiance that is stylish without being too fussily designed. There's no rushing in serving, which what was our mood for the special night. The service style is friendly, relaxed and attentive. The waiter that serves us through the night is very passionate to our request. 

We just love the whole restaurant decoration which is very rich, elegant and stylish. The restaurant owner engaged a US based design team to decorate the place in Us's style. The basic design idea was to make the space feel timeless (indeed) and gave personal feeling to every visitor (we felt it). I hope you may able to grasp the feeling by looking at the shared photos in this entry and give this place a try. A meal for a family of 5 that night cost us RM480, most reasonable for a double celebration. 

As for the menu, the owner has used their dining experiences to create a restaurant that cooked familiar dishes. That was their starting point and by looking at the selected dishes by all our family member, everybody really satisfied with the menu and the outcome. It's nothing too fancy though, so we had some starters, main dishes and dessert especially a slice of cake with the candle that is nicely placed by the friendly waiter. That guy was very passionate with us, waiting patiently for hubby to finish his cigarette session outside before serving the cake and sang along. 

Smoked Buffalo Wings with Mash potatoes as starter

Roast Lamb Rack for Hubby and Nazhif

Parmesan Pot Chicken Pie for Nasrul

Spicy Prawn Pizzadilla for me

Char grilled Sirloin Steak for Naim

Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream as dessert

Birthday cake for the birthday man
While passing toward the exit, I had my last moment snapping below 2 photos. Gorgeous! You may visit their website in here, "" to find out more about the food and the place.

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