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100 Days of Happiness: Day 81 to 90

How time has fly. My 100 days of happiness project is about to end and we are at the last day of 1st week of May. Here I am writing the first entry for May, the last 20 days of the project. Day 81 of my happiness was when these 2 girls, Syahirah and Kayla joined me in my bed on Sunday, 5th April 2015. That's how I usually spend my weekend, alone in the house, where peace are. At my age, spending a time alone was what I enjoyed most. I felt no commitment nor obligations to others, enjoying so much freedom (bless this life) at home. Husband is accepting to whatever changes I've been at, without complaint, always supporting ever since he married me. How could I not be thankful for what life has given me! No reason not to. Thank you Allah :)

Day 81 of happiness: The 2 girls that brighten up my Saturday  #100daysofhappiness #daughters — with Syahirah Shamsuddin.

The next day, on working Monday, 6th April 2015, Hema invited me out for a vegetarian meal in Taman Desa. Amri, her most trusted guy drove us to the restaurant. Vegipai Cafe is the most beautiful eating place that I've been to in Taman Desa. Everything is being decorated in pink and white. The food was amazing too and we had so much fun sharing the foods in between our happy mode conversation. For those vegetarian out there, you have nothing to miss at all, as the food served there taste almost the same as any other non-vegetarian meal. A friend enlightened us about the history of how the vegan started the vegetarian diet last Monday (5th May 2015) and how Gautama Buddha died due to poison's pork. You don't have to know. It was so sad...

Day 82 of happiness: In love with the "vegepai" food & deco. Must wear pink next time  #100daysofhappiness#jjcm — at Vegipai CafĂ©.

Since it's coming to an end, I thought of going back to memory lane, sharing what was written in the travelogue of my travel diary. It was a hot summer day when a friend snapped a photo of I trying to pose elegantly on the hot white marble. For those who has not read about my adventure, can simply click here to read the rest of what I blog on 11th January 2013, Lahore - Badshahi Mosque. Badshahi Mosque is a must visit place for those who happened to be in Lahore city in Pakistan. Every corner of the mosque is simply breathtaking.

Day 83 of happiness: Recalling happy moment with Badshahi Mosque way back in October 2011 #100daysofhappiness #throwback #travel

A tour in Turkey with Zuri was my first oversea trip. I lost a mother in 2002 and I traveled in her memory 2 years later. This was where I first started my journey to see the world, taking my memory with her close to my heart. You may read all about it in "A trip to Turkey in 2004", written in September 2013. I had the first snow fall experience in Cappadocia and it was a wonderful feeling touring the whole Turkey, from Istanbul down south and up to the west, Ankara and back to Istanbul.

Day 84 of happiness: Reminiscing snow fall moment in Goreme Valley, Cappadocia way back in November 2004 #100daysofhappiness #throwback #traveldiary

Another good guy, a best friend who died of cancer was Asohan. My husband, Nasrul and I were on holiday in Bali with him and his wife in April 2005. When we passed below temple in Bali, he reminded me not to enter as I was having my menstrual at that time. He enlightened me a lot about Hinduism during the trip. I was lucky to have this big guy with big heart as best friend though he has passed away many years, he is still visible to me whenever his name appeared in mind. I hope someday, someone would remember me in the same way. Life in a hereafter would probably another beautiful journey.

Day 85 of happiness: A calm view of Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia in May 2005. In loving memory of beloved friend, Captain Asohan 3 yrs ago. RIP dear friend, you have touched so many hearts with your kindness  #100daysofhappiness #throwback#traveldiary — at Bali, Indonesia

I remembered Zuri again the day I posted a memory photo of us with Melinda taking gondola ride in Venice in 2006. Zuri has revisited Venice during flooded time years later. She would not mind going again if I asked her, probably to buy Murano glass. That's what travel buddy supposed to do, always be ready for the next adventure. Recently, I draw a map of my retirement trip with husband. His eyes was radiant when he saw my map. Love is indeed a journey. May Allah s.w.t. allow us to fulfill our dreams for old days to come. For those who wishes to read about 10 entries of our trip touring Italy cities may do so, by click the attached link, Italy in 2006.

Day 86 of happiness: A must visit destination, Venice. Riding a gondola with friends is a bonus . May 2006, how I look 9 years ago . #100daysofhappiness#throwback #traveldiary — at Venice,Italy

For day 87, I chose a photo of me with a giant tree in Angkor Thom. Hubby snapped below photo for me, and we were there on our 2nd honeymoon, celebrating a new chapter of my career life. You may read them in a combined entries with last years Angkor revisit with Anne that I now merged all blog entries under Cambodia in 2007 and 2014. I must say that Siem Reap Angkor is one of a must visit destination for Asian as the expenses in the city is not so much expensive that touring in European country. 

Day 87 of happiness: Being surrounded in a gigantic tree, "Tetrameles Nudiflora" will made a person look so small, but to leave a tiny spot of memory is indeed a great remembrance May 2007, Ta Phrom ... #100daysofhappiness #throwback #traveldiary#2ndhoneymoon

Nasrul is a big guy now. He did not listen nor come to me for any advise anymore. His life is pretty fulls with his group of friends, no space for his mother. On 15th April 2015, I was recalling those happy times with him when he was residing with me in Karachi and when we were cruising Saronic Island. Going through numbers of Syahirah and his photos in Greece brought a wide smile to my face. This Apple Boy of mine has graduating as a teenagers into an adult world. Soon, he will drive a car and has a girl replacing me in his heart. Oh dear..

Day 88 of happiness: Cruising on Saronic Islands, surrounded with blue sky, white clouds and blue oceans was added to my bucket list in June 2008. Al-Ankabut verse 20 "travel through the earth and see how Allah originated creation; so will Allah produce the second creation (of the Afterlife); for Allah has power over all things" #100daysofhappiness #throwback#traveldiary

I was overjoyed when I was called back to the headquarters on 16th April 2015. The news came on Thursday and somebody was more than excited to throw me a party (it was like throwing me out from her office.. hahaha, a big jokes okay! Don't take me seriously!). The truth was, I had requested for other assignment as work loads in the underground MRT is no longer there to have me sitting there doing nothing. I would definitely missing all those beautiful soul on 8th Floor who has given me a space to share their laughter and foods in a pantry during my first 3.5 months of working on the company.

Day 89 of happiness: chairing a "kick-me-off" luncheon mtg today with a bunch of kind hearted office colleagues  #100daysofhappiness #anotherfarewell#bless — at Southgate Malaysia.

On my last day, i.e. 17th April 2015, my buddy, Wan Chee Seng has taken me to his site, an underground station in Cochrane. Argh.. it resembles the same view of all the underground stations that I've seen abroad, i,e, during my train rides adventure. Soon, my city, Kuala Lumpur would have the same advance underground station like in Paris, in Seoul and probably much better than in Bangkok (sorry my friends in Thailand). I took a selfie as an evidence of how truly happy I was on my last day in the KVMRT (T) underground team.

Day 90 of happiness: Selfie post while getting a little sun-tanned at Cochrane station during site visit, today! #100daysofhappiness #ugjvdays3.5mths — at KVMRT Cochrane Site.

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