Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Absolute Thai is now in Atria Damansara Jaya

It's a day to celebrate. We hit our own target shifting to a new renovated office in Damansara Jaya of I hope shall be my retirement work place. Nothing was carried out (I mean the renovation work) when I reported to work in Gamuda Headquarters on 20th April 2015. Hence, during the first meeting, we set 1st June as a day to shift, a date for the main operating office to be ready. With all due respect, we delivered our promises on time as we managed to find a good renovation contractor who did a good fast track record in Southgate offices. Besides, what need to be done and approved for was efficiently supported and approved by the Headquarters. After taking over the office key and while the cleaning team is getting a dust free environment yesterday, 3 of us headed for early lunch at Atria Damansara.

Co-incidentally that the new Atria Shopping Gallery had their soft launch opening on Thursday, 28th May 2015. I was there on the launching date myself feeling blessed to have the shopping mall right infront of my nose. The shopping gallery sit just across a few steps away from our new office. We only had KFC that day as the whole gallery are crowded with special invited guesses plus an instant visitor. Ismail and I were admiring a Thai Restaurant "Absolute Thai" located in the 1st Floor not only because of their menu but it's also because of their restaurant decoration. 

A platter of Thai starter for sharing

Atria Shopping Gallery is newly open to be like a well-loved jewelry that has been with the owner, a family business through generations (after closing business for quite some time allowing the major refurbishment which was added with a new building plan/construction on top of the old Atria). Gamudians and neighborhood area may agree that Atria remains as the iconic neighborhood where fond memories, stories and bonds were made. The place has existed since 35 years ago, in 1982. I was working in the same neighborhood on my early days in the first Joint Ventures, i.e. in 2002. This place at present has substantially change it's features and face value to suit the modernisation of Petaling Jaya as one of the main city in Selangor State, beside Shah Alam.

Fresh orchid on the drinks counter

A helicopter at the Cashier

What excited me most about this place are the huge groceries shop, Village Grocer. Besides, there are various type of bistro, cafes and restaurants beside fast food outlet such as KFC, Wendy's and Sushi, other snacks and confectionery shops. Coffee cafe's such as The Coffee Bean, Starbucks and Milano's are also in the house. I have less worry in the future should I run out of anything at home, I can always buy them during lunch or after works. In addition, we have more parking lots at the shopping mall basement as a solution to car parking problems in the area. All turns out to be a great joy, shifting, I mean.

A unique Art next to the counter machine

Let me present a new girl in my life, Aflah, HR Officer, fresh graduate

About "Absolute Thai" restaurant, you may read further at the shared link, It has more details about the restaurants locator, the menu and their story. They apparently had more than 10 outlets in the KL city alone. For those who wishes to experience the Thai delicacies with an exciting, unique interiors and a range of feelings from casual, family to fine dining may visit any of their outlets available from their website. You will be surprised as I was discovering every angle of the restaurant. By all mean, take a look at the photo's sharing in this entry to feel how delightful I was capturing each corner of their unique restaurant.

Thai iced coffee

A simple lunch
Ismail and Aflah chosen what I chose for lunch, Beef Noodle Soup, best eaten with cut red chillies (small size). We also ordered a platter of starter. Do not worry about the price, as they charged quite reasonable, not overpriced.

Thai Beef Noodle

That's how you eat Thai noodle, added with more chillies
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