Monday, May 25, 2015

DIB Cafe at Menara Gamuda

DIB stand for "Deaf In Business" has its main outlet in our Tower, Menara Gamuda. It became my favorite spot for breakfast. For some unknown reason, their toast bread tasted much better than any other place, including the bread I toast my self. I was late and hungry this morning when I decided to have a quick and quiet breakfast at their outlet located on Level "L" of my office. I should have increased an entry post relating to "Foods label" while I still have some time left between work and study. It's time to promote all good places to eat in Malaysia. You may visit the website "DIB Coffees of Hawaii", in here,  that tells everything about them. 

The brewed Hawaiian coffee is a must

DIB is a unique community business project established by Dr Allen Teh who has been in the restaurant business for the last 12 years. With an assistant of Miss Selina  Ooi, a digital and marketing and social media specialist, Dr Allen manage to connect with a large number of hearing-impaired to join his group. Let me assured you guys, that their teamwork amaze me personally. I'm entering their restaurant twice a day for Zohor and Asar prayer (our surau seated at the back of their restaurant), that's where I observe their passion towards the place and towards each other. The presence of love and belonging are in the air. For information, our Gamuda group has donated the DIB outlet in our tower to DIB for 2 years, rent-free and we have taken care of the premises renovation for them. Hence explained the 20% discount enjoyed by all Gamudians.

We enjoyed a staff special discount, i,e, 20%, for example a set breakfast as what I chose to have this morning cost RM10. After showing my staff card, I enjoyed a RM2 discount as the company has some kind of sponsorship to the cafe

The restaurant outlets is a "Made in Malaysia" brand, becoming the first gourmet coffee chain in Malaysia operated fully by deaf personnels, guided and trained by a few hearing coaches. Please take note that the establishment of DIB Coffees of Hawaii is based on a non-profit business, purely to assist the employment of a more employment opportunities to deaf Malaysians. It is here, the DIB management trained and challenged the deaf to become future businessmen, opening more outlets for them for encouragement as there's place for everyone in this world, no discrimination and no unlucky. After all, we are equal in the eyes of the Creator.

I'm sharing all photos that I snapped inside while having breakfast this morning. Hoping that you guys will support their existence. Let's care for the Malaysian people. Love our fellow Malaysian, make our country a peaceful and a harmony place to stay. With much love - Aswana!

Collection of photos inside their restaurant

Relevant articles about them and the vision for the future

My colleague in Administration Department has turn this place into an acceptable medium class restaurant

Some accessories in the outlet that is so catchy

Breakfast options

Lunch choices

Argh, Level 2 of our office
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