Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bungkus, a Korean family restaurant in Damansara Perdana

Empire Damansara seated just across the road. Do not mistaken, it is not a shopping mall but a mixed stylish development by Mammoth Empire Group (Australian based company). It compliment MK Land, a large property developer in Malaysia surrounding towers, i,e. Menara Gamuda, Menara Hasil, Menara Bata & Menara MK. These are all nestled in the heart of Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. The complex, recently completed in 2013 houses 5 components of Empire Residence, Empire Soho 1, Empire Soho 2, Empire Studio, Empire Detached Office and a hotel, Qliq Damansara.  

When I first shifted to this area, Empire Soho 2 stand tall right visible from the glass wall of my office. A colleague advises me that I could go for high end meal where varieties of International food are available. I'm a huge fan of Korean meal, so that's where I went on my first week, to the Korean Restaurant seated on the Ground Floor just opposite Tous Les Jous. However, the captain politely chased me away with a huge apologies face and genuine smile that the food at their outlet in a non-halal. I was disappointed but returning there last week to a halal 1 on the 1st floor, Bungkus Restaurant. This time, I snapped some photos just to share how nice is the Empire Damansara's design, it's a true act of modern  building.

The restaurant is run by a Korean's family, introduces Korean fusion food to their patrons, notably known as the Rice Burgers. The Kimchi Bulgogi Rice Burger is their top selling dish that Bungkus owner can boast off. A blend of kimchi and bulgogi beef is sandwiched between layers of Korean rice mixed with seaweed bits. The seaweed bits gave the necessary fragrance, and the Kimchi Bulgogi is a mixture of sweet and sour combination. The Bulgogi Beef Noodle, on the other hand, is a mix of Maggie Mee with Bulgogi Beef, which was pretty decent for Korean noodles. I copied that from their advertisement.

The chef is Muslim and the owner is Buddhist, both respecting what not and what can be eaten by both believers. I bumped into the owner on Thursday when he was shifting some beverages up, who later apologised that their restaurant is close on Thursday. Take note ya! I returned again on Friday whilst picking up a Madeena suit from Madeena boutique located just below Bungkus. I was enjoying the Bulgogi Beef Noodle and Affogato alone, in a peaceful and beautiful ambient of the restaurant which compliment teh entire Empire Damansara as a whole. Hope you may agree with my view :)

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