Sunday, May 24, 2015

A date with hubby at the tiles shop

It is Sunday, 24th May 2015 and we both had no plans. There's no class for me and hubby is still resting his muscle which was slightly injured from too much tennis game last week. His tennis group keep calling him since morning for a match as today is indeed having a beautiful weather. EPF, stands for Employees Providers Fund had bank-in my withdrawal application yesterday. Therefore, we decided to shop for tiles for our new bungalow. Today's entry is all about our vision for the new house.

Kitchen show room, display items on sale - the coffee machine was RM15K, the same price for the designer's electric oven but microwave oven was RM3,000 after a 50% discount! Am considering buying the whole set!

The house construction has been left abandon since November last year while waiting for the fund to be released from many sources of financing. Co-incidentally that hubby secured a bungalow construction project from our neighbor, located only a few plot from our unit and has been busied since then. Now that we have some money in hand, we thought of proceeding with furnishing the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry area first while waiting for the next course of financing be released. We had also getting the external works back in progress tomorrow and a day after. It's been a blessing from the Almighty for the patience and observance that we two had for the last six months.

After breakfast with some friends somewhere near where we now stay, we went straight ahead to Jalan Ipoh where most of the tiles shop are. It is where my husband bought tiles and other finishes for his customer and it was I who first brought him there when we were first started off the business 12 years ago. How times has fly.

We went inside 4 shops altogether, purchased 2 deep bowls stainless steel for wet kitchen and an imported granite bowl for the island top plus an extremely expensive sink tap  (Groehe brand) which I pray that no one will ask.

Therefore, I'm sharing in this entry some of the tiles that we planned for our 9 bathrooms, wet @ dry kitchen and laundry are. Hope I will make in regrettable decision when the house is ready. And I too hope to start sharing the story of the construction soon in this blog.

Wish me luck, will you 💝

Just like in my dream few nights now - a feature wall for my laundry

Hubby immediately agreed when I chose this for our guest bathroom

Feature wall inside my bathroom, very mediterranean look, says hubby

Snapped this for some ideas

I chose this for our future maid bathroom. I hope she would be very please

Hubby chose this for Nazhif bathroom

For wet kitchen - you would be surprise how I would Ah Seng to lay the floor/wall combination, so very excited!

Fallen so deeply in love with the pink wall - aiming this for the dry kitchen

We can't decide what type of finishes suited our beautiful staircase, timber or granite anyone?

Both will turn my Island look hot!

The flower series is quite nice but I have no clue where shall I placed them

Considering this combination for Naim's bathroom
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