Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A brother in Karachi

I missed the person who inspired me to write about "Do Smokers Die Young?". The magical things happened after the entry was published, my son Naim quit smoking. After much conditions set upon him, Naim is now in MSU learning Public Relations, after completed his "National Service". Back to the person that I missed, he is the one that I called brother Kazmi though he never acknowledged that. Instead he called me sweetheart whenever hearing my voice or seeing my face.

I went to see him on 14th May 2013 when I was in Karachi. We normally will spend quite sometimes in his office, talking business until I got tired. So, in between the discussion I got up and snapped pictures of his photo collection safely kept in his room. Below was all his siblings with their late parents in 1 frame. He was a young and handsome looking guy, just like a Bollywood film actor, Rishi Kappoor, perhaps? He is on the top left side, maybe at his late 20's when the photo was taken below. Besides, he kept a lot of newspaper cutting about his projects, his achievements.

On another corner, he kept his family photo within feasible distance. This guy talks a lot about his proud grandchildren that he adored and missed miserably. He's staying alone in Karachi when the whole of his family resides in America. During my last trip to Karachi, on 13th June 2013, he took me to see his new accommodation, a penthouse that he created on top of his office. He finally detached himself from his bungalow plot which is a sorrow to stay, alone in a huge house. To my opinion, the penthouse is a much better place for him.

Before I left that day, we had a photo for a special memory of us 2. I'm really glad that his staff helped us with below lovely pose. As for now, I never knew when would I return to Karachi again to see him or maybe had a real celebration after a hard works "fighting with the Client" in Karachi. Now that I learn to let go of that feeling, a sense of belonging has long gone. May you live peacefully and happily ever after Mr Kazmi. My farewell to you beloved "Brother". 

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