Monday, November 25, 2013

That's what friends are for (Ili's birthday)

On Friday, 22nd November 2013 last week, we were celebrating a colleague's belated birthday in the office. It was a surprise event for the birthday girl. The genius behind the arrangement is none other than our favorite girl, Iskmahani. She's been planning a week earlier but due to other commitments of the birthday girl, we had to postpone the event numerous time.

A sweet birthday girl, Ili Liyana Azman is cutting her vanilla sponge cake 
As it was supposedly to be a surprised to Ili, the girls (Nurul, Isk and Eila) given excused by volunteering to buy a packed lunch for everyone on Friday. The lunch was from KFC and the cake was from the nearby bakery. I captured each and every steps of the surprised moments.

Partner in crime, Nurul and Isk, waited in the room
We make sure we gathered inside and she'd be the last to enter. As soon as she entered, we were singing a birthday song. She was touched by the sights and our sincere thoughts.

She's the last to enter (holding a tab while walking)
Below photo was surely priceless. She shed her tears seeing what was on the table. Her best friend, Shakirra was next to her. What more would you ask for when sharing a beautiful day with your close friend, especially when it was for celebrating your birthday, though, a belated one?

Huge birthday card.. Brilliant choice
I snapped another 1 of her and her close group before I joined them in December 2012, in black shawl, Eila, cream shawl, Shakirra and in red shawl is Iskmahani. Arg... all 4 of them are a posers.

Before the food, we recorded a group photo just to record how good it was for you to have lots of girl friends. A real friend who is really supportive, a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and definitely who in a way shape your life too. Hence, it is important to be a little bit selective when you choose who that you can call a friend. That's what friends are for is suited for this entry. Love and keep your good friends always. 

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