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2nd November 2013

We had a panic stricken moment when Phoenix, lied almost motionless last night when he returned from the grooming shop. According to Jason (the groomer), Phoenix was vomiting twice in his shop while having shower and after he placed him back into the carrier. The vomits continued when he reached home at 8pm and after we gave him his ulcers medicine. He became worse and lied motionless as if he was about to die. We were so helpless to see him in below photo due to the facts that no vet clinic is open at late hour.

At 11pm last night, 2nd November 2013

We really don't know what to do at the middle of the night as Phoenix taking his breath really slowly and walked not in a straight line nor stay steadily as if he was too dizzy to walk. Hubby was saying in angry note (more on allegation to the groomer) that Phoenix might not survived a night as he alleged that Jason must be using something poisonous during washing. Sigh!

Midnight before we decided to go to bed, Phoenix slept motionless with Kayla by his side

So, this morning, unable to do anything else, but feeling relieved as Phoenix is still breathing, we surveyed around the housing areas (in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras Perdana and Batu 9 area) for the pet clinic since 10.00am. The UPM Veterinary Hospital is only open during office hours, Syahirah & I were praying that private clinic would open on weekend. Apparently 2 clinics are operating on weekend and public holiday, Alhamdulillah.

At 10am on 3rd November 2013

Jason is equally worried about Tottie and Phoenix condition. It was the first time since the last 3 years we sent the cat to his shop for grooming that they were vomitting like that. He advised us to give a glucose water and steam chicken breast for energy recovery. The 2 cats (except for Kayla), must be having a weak body condition due to continued vomitting. Hubby was accusing Jason that he might used the shampoo that might caused the food poisoning to our beloved cats. Jason must be sad should he know my husband baseless argument. Cannot blame hubby too as he was be freaking worried about Tottie and Phoenix.

At 10.15am, waiting outside the vet clinic for the doctor to arrive

We were overjoyed when it was time for Phoenix and Tottie, were attended to by the veterinary physician. The doctor posed numerous questions regarding the vomits and the foods consumed by the 2 of them a day before. She immediately gave a soft can food using a syringe for Phoenix. She also gave 3 days medication for them beside advising on feeding Phoenix for every 2 hours. The food and the glucose water can help Phoenix to get his strength back. It surely does.

On Syahirah's lap while waiting for his number to be called, at 11.10am

They found to be okay, we hope so too when we took them home. When we returned home, Nazhif informed that he saw Phoenix lying as dead after vomitted at 7am in the morning. Only God knows how relief we were seeing him still alive when we woke up. 

In examination hall

As I'm writing this entry, at 4.30pm, Phoenix is due to have his soft food intakes and glucose water. We pray for his speedy recovery. As for Tottie, he can now move around and slowly takes food on his own though in a very small quantity.

The vet taught us how to feed soft food to Phoenix in her clinic

Unable to move around, 2 of them do not wish to greet the siamese inside her carrier after the examination
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