Friday, November 15, 2013

Deepika and the new House

Deepika is a very special girl to me. She was my personal assistant when I was a Project Team Leader in Vijayawada. Knowing this pretty and kind hearted girl since I joined the office in January till my demobilisation in December 2012 was truly fated, a bless. Though I no longer her boss, we are still contacting each other via Google talk. We keep on updating our stories, mostly ALL about personal stuff.

Few months after working together, we started sharing our private and personal story. Saddened by her story, I have my respect on her bravery, she lives alone with her single mother in the heart of Vijayawada city. Her father died when she was still young. Her eldest brother met a tragic accident and died while he was just started working. There are no man in the house looking after them. Some people took advantage to these 2 pitiful ladies. How sad, how cruel, how unfair.

But one must have faith in God, for He is looking over everyone, will never neglectyou in anyway. Just have faith and keep praying, then you will see lights at the end of the day. That's what exactly happened to Deepika. Never once, she lost herself in a cruel world. With some money and a piece of land left by her late father, she finished her education and get a good job in our project. This girl has brain, dedication and willingness to learn. 

I personally guided her to be responsible with the submission of Monthly Progress Report, which she performed really well though she is not an Engineer. She listened to my nasty words and scolding when she did something wrong. She took it in a positive manner as a way to improve herself. She understand that I did that for her benefit and did not differentiate others. It was not true that I did not scold her like others. She is equally treated but because she accompanied me more during my lonely days, i.e. weekend, I keep her forever close to my heart.

Last week, she informed that she will be away for few days for her housewarming. It brought so much joy to me as what we usually deliberated at length, started from selling of the land in Vijayawada, purchase a small plot somewhere in the urban area and built her own house is now a reality. With the proceed gain from selling the land, she managed to built quite a comfy house for the 2 of them with some balance kept save as comfortable savings in her bank book. The photos that I'm sharing in this entry were emailed by her with her duly consent to write her story.

Now that she has a secured job, a good house, I pray that she will find her other half to join both hand in marriage as these 2 things are indeed a good dowry for any future Indian husband.

I also wishes her the best of life, do not simply trust others, invest well (do not only spend money on handbags and shoes) and most important of all, be happy. I love you so much my girl! 

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