Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nurul is married!

Solemnization and Wedding reception: 27th October 2013

Solemnization event on Sunday morning, 27th October 2013
I met Nurul, my present co-worker when I was reporting to the project unit on 3rd December 2012. We've becoming close due to the fact that not many of us are still in the project on full time basis. We have ample time over the last 1 year to do project preliminary works, project planning, attending seminar/courses and makes friend with other office colleagues, including with Nadeera and Iskmahani. 

Nadeera, Iskmahani and Nurul given a beautiful posed during the company Chinese New Year celebration this year in the above photo. At that time, Iskmahani was just got married whilst Nadeera and Nurul were waiting for their turn. Nurul is a bit pessimistic about marriage at the beginning. When she shared some of her worrisome "about marriage life", I avoided discussing on the subject with her. With God blessing, few months later she revealed her engagement news. What a pleasant surprise from a girl who avoiding a marriage subject.

Among the office colleagues who attended Nurul's big day 

She given us the news after she enrolled herself in Master in Construction Management programme via external programme. Though busy with classes, assignments and exams, she managed the wedding preparation perfectly. I guessed the timing was perfect. While waiting for her wedding to take place, we received a news about tentative project start dates. Anyway, she had by that time overcome most of the preparation list for the wedding.

Being seated just next to her in the office, I almost heard all the story of the preparation, from an advance booking made to the above community hall to selection of make-up brides, photographer, dais for wedding reception, foods, invitation card etc etc. Most difficult was when she made her decision about the dresses for her to wear on 3 occasion, i.e. solemnization day, wedding reception on her side and  reception on her husband home town in Kedah. Worst thing could always happened no matter how much you ensure it to be perfect. It was her wedding reception dress. The dress sewn by a tailor turned out to be horrible for her to wear, hence, she opted for alternative dress on the last week of the wedding date. 

Beautiful left and right corner of the dais

Our groups arrived almost at the same time but we had to wait for the bride to arrived from her house (the solemnization was held in the morning due to groom's family request) to the community hall where the reception took place. After some time, the couples arrived, all smiling faces with both families ushering them inside. It's once of a lifetime event.

Let's just enjoy their memorable photo snapped using a smart phones.

The last minutes dress is beautiful, hence, the smile

On the dais

Lunch "Makan beradab" suited the king and queen of the day

Group photo among the office mates with the couples as a background.

Last photo with the beautiful wedded couple before we parted for the day. We pray for her great future life together as husband and wife.

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