Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ethipotala Waterfalls, AP State

Tour date: 19th September 2012

Ethipotala is a mountain stream cascading down the hills from a height of 21.3meters into a lagoon. This waterfalls is a combination of the 3 stream, namely Chandravanka Vagu, Nakkala Vagu and Tummalu Vagu. Beware of the lagoon in a hush green valley, formed by the waterfalls as it has a crocodile breeding centre. The stream joins the Krishna River after flowing for about another 3km. 

The place has an entrance fee (my apology for not being able to share the rates as I forgotten the small fee that I paid that day) which is properly manage by Andhra Pradesh tourism board. It is located about 11km down stream from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

Satisfied with what I saw and snapped, I then wished to record my visit with a photo of me by the waterfall. I turned to Phani, who would always followed behind, becoming my bodyguard beside a full time driver. I passed him my Nikon for him to snap the said intended photo. And, the result can be seen below. While passing the camera, I of course had taught him how to use it added with a gentle reminder that he must hold the camera tightly before the button is pushed.

Looking at my blur image but clear scenery, he tried focusing again few times but the result ended the same. Hence, we switched places so that he can see and copied exactly how I snapped his. After showing him the result, I again reminded him, "do not shake your hand Phani, be calm".

Well.. I must be amused to see the same result but I spotted the obvious difference with the 2 pictures.. it was the way I hold my smile.

We switched place again for the second time so that he will be more comfortable when practicing more. However, I can sense that he was beginning to panic and stressed out at this point.

On his 3rd attempt, the result was still the same. Okay, let's accept the fact that you can't shoot Phani whilst I peck his back to make him feel alright.

In a hot summer day, I sighed silently and took few moments of zooming the lenses avoiding my frustration and stress for not able to record a clear photo of me and the waterfalls. Phani stand beside in silent. He never talked much this boy. I like him a lot though. How I miss the silence between us. For the record, Phani is young enough to be my son. His mother passed away few years back and he lives with his father. When he told me the story of his life, I told him that I can actually be his mother. He smiled widely. Oh gosh, how I miss this boy so much.

Not giving up, I pleaded "please Phani, last shot... I know you can do it. Give me your best shot okay, a clear photo of me with the waterfall". With the same result, below, Phani profusely saying his apology. Never mind Phani, never mind... next time, perhaps, is what I responded. 

Frustrated with Phani's failure to be a Photographer, I proceeded to snap few more photos of the magnificent waterfalls before heading to Nagarjuna Saga dam.

The last photo of the visit, I captured a moment where Phani stand still waiting patiently for me to give him the next instruction by the beautiful view of Ethipotala waterfalls. Bliss.

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