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Italy in 2006 - Glimpse of Itinerary

Zuri & I riding a Gondola in Venice. We love Italy!!!

More than 7 years ago, I went for a holiday retreat in Italy with my office colleague, Zuri. It was our second package holiday together after a memorable trip to Turkey in November 2004. Before the beginning of our Turkey trip, I bought a new Nikon compact digital camera, whilst Zuri was using her conventional camera. After I lost all soft copy photos in 2012, I've contacted Zuri this year should my luck on my side and I could be sharing hers. Due to bussyness (doing nothing) and laziness (what I do best), I have not met her though her new office is so nearby (KLCC). My apology to you dear Zuri, rest assured that I still love you enormously. For the record, we both left MMC long ago and are very happy where we are at present.

Rome - after a long que to enter Vatican City

I mentioned in my previous entry, I Love August Month as it's a month that I celebrate my birthday, being a Leos. I revealed about the printed photos found save in the pirate box. Well, today I sorted out about a thousand printed photos back snapped in 2006 that can evidenced a lot of detailing of my trip to Italy. For a start let me shared the brief itinerary memory vis-a-vis 45 photos saved in my Facebook Album.

In Naples - waiting a boat ride to Capri

I travelled to Italy in the afternoon of 29th April 2006 using 1 of the best guided tour agent in Kuala Lumpur. We took Qatar Airline with a short transit in Doha before taking the next stop in Rome. We arrived in Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport in the morning of 30th April 2006, hence, the tour started immediately. See the travel map below, which I shall use to guide me in details for my next entry.

Overlooking Assisi from the home birth of St Francis

Day 1, 29th April 2006 : Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Rome
Day 2, 30th April 2006 : Vatican City, Colloseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Step etc.
Day 3, 1st May 2006 : Rome to Naples and Capri Island
Day 4, 2nd May 2006 : Naples to Assisi, a birth place and city of St Francis
Day 5, 3rd May 2006 : In Tuscany Region from Pisa to beautiful city of Florence
Day 6, 4th May 2006 : Historical city of Venice, where Marco Polo came from
Day 7, 5th May 2006 : Looking for Juliet's balcony in Verona city and shopping in Milan
Day 8, 6th May 2006 : 2 nights stay in Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

1 of the 7 wonders of the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa

What I need to do now is to re-arrange the photos, select the best for the intended entry, shoot using my Iphone 5 and tarra... will get back all lost photos to be save and secured in my Mac Book Air.

Grandeur City of Florence

with Juliet statue below her balcony in Verona

Stay tune for the details reader as I promise you a truly inspiring and details write-up of my memorable journals. I was young before in the photos (late 30's, muahahaha). Important note: I did not reset the camera time to local time, hence, ignore the time on the printed photos and/or minus 6 hours for time difference between Malaysia and Italy.

Milan, a city for shopaholics

Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

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