Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ane Zarina, my friend

Anne has given a permission for me to write about her. The permission was granted on our last night in Bangkok. She was my junior at school, way back in 1985 and an office colleague at present. I barely known her during school days but we started to get closer when I was reporting to work in our HQ in 2010 where she is in 1st floor and I was in 2nd floor. It was 14 months in HQ before I took another assignment to India in May 2011 but those 14 months are enough time for me to get to know her better. She's too trusting and failed to enjoy a beautiful life.

When I returned back to HQ in December 2012, we became inseparable in office. Everyone has notice and made a joke about us. They always see us together at breakfast, during lunch and performing prayer at almost the same time. As I was getting over my depression and started enjoying the silver lining, Anne was part of the process. I thank her for getting me back on my feet.

Somewhere in December 2012, hubby had shared an article about "Anis solo trip via earthbound" . I suddenly saw another silver lining coming along for me to follow suit. I suggested to hubby to travel by train following Anis's route but I get a "NO" as his answer. I becoming sad as the more I learned from what Anis has shared in her blog, "Anis website" the more my instinct told me that I can also do it. But, who would want to come along with me?

During 1 of the lunch with Anne in January 2013, I told her about my ambition to travel by train. To my surprised, she assured me that she is willing to tag along. Hence, we started to prepare the route, the budget, the place of interest and dreaming so much about the plan. We rarely gossipping, rather talk positive things about ourselves. We discussed a lot about our friends and colleague previously, but suddenly we both change. We became very much matured. We had no ill talk about others, rather, we appreciating us and everyone for their good and bad sides as no one is perfect.

What do I like about Anne? Plenty, I must admit. First, we both agreed that to know a quality of true friend is to experience the 1st leg of our proposed plan. Instead of implementing the trip when we reach 50's, we decided to split our travel. The recent trip  "Train Ride 2013 - Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok", has given us the answer. We can have endless trip by train as long as we have the energy, the money and the desire.

She has all true friend characters. She is pretty, funny, passion, generous, humble, outspoken etc etc. Most important she has a genuine heart and never ever she's been judgemental. I love having her accompany and I really hope that we shall stay be forever friend. We have a lot in common.

To Anne, who might be reading this, I wish to advice and/or hereby confirmed that you are my "Best Friend Forever" @ BFF. 

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