Monday, August 19, 2013

Eid 2013

Eid fall on 8th August this year. I took 1 day leave before eid for us to travel to Raub, where father-in-law was celebrating with his 2nd wife (2nd marriage after the funeral of my beloved mother-in-law in 2004). They were surprised yet happy to see us as father thought we were only coming back the following week for the wedding (step-sister was getting married on 17th August). We brought cakes and cookies for them. 

Misty eid morning in Raub, Pahang State

Nothing much to do on the 1st day, so, after breakfast and eid morning prayer, we had family photo in front of the house. Our theme this year was a combination of black and grey. It's because, Naim wanted to wear black for his traditional "baju melayu", whilst Nasrul chose grey. The material was bought in Karachi during my trip in May this year. Hubby grumbled a lot as he prefer grey to black but had to give in as Nazhif chose grey too. Syahirah was wearing a traditional Baju Kurung, the material I bought for her from Jim Thompsom but I myself was wearing abaya given as a gift by my sister-in-law in 2011 as I never had a chance to wear it before. Very simple indeed. Nazhif was whispering to me "worst eid ever", hearing that, hubby finally took us out to visit his relatives (5 houses) within Raub and Bentong area. We came back right after midnight.

Family photo after eid prayer

On 2nd day of eid, we traveled to Kuantan from Raub to celebrate eid with my sister. She prepared satay, kuah kacang, rendang and ketupat pulut palas for lunch. My other sister and family drove all the way from KL so that all 3 sisters can have a small gathering and reunion in Kuantan. How we love our elder sister's cooking. Later in the afternoon, she cooked lontong and BBQ at night. Me, I did what I do best "watching TV and playing with grand nieces", no dirty hands in the kitchen. Evil laugh!

Isha' prayer at cousin Aqiqah cum eid open house

On 3rd day of eid, I've being forced by everyone to pack and leave to Mantin to celebrate aqiqah ceremony of my cousin's son. Grand niece wanted to follow. She had her wishes by putting such a big drama with her father. It took almost 4 hours drive from Kuantan to Mantin. We were in time as the imam was just starting the ceremony. Being a close cousin, we stayed on till almost midnight, eating, playing fire crackers and chatting. Another sister also joined us from Ipoh. In the end, all 4 sisters met in Mantin. The next morning, my sister Rosnani flew to Sarawak to receive and looking after her first granddaughter (born on 15th August 2013). She had 4 grand children by now.

Fireworks at Cousin, Eid 3rd day

So 1 Malaysia, it felt like we were in Chinese New Year

I took my grand niece to Berjaya Time Square on 4th day of eid. Will blog separately of her first experience. A whole day was spent with family. 

Sister, Roshayati with niece son, Imran at cousin house in Mantin

I have taken 1 day extra after eid, Monday @ 5th day of eid to visit my dearest friend, Dilla. She responded my text by giving me her mother's address in Kampung Seri Pilah, near to Seri Menanti. Using a google map, we found no difficulties to reach her place within 1 hour and 10 minutes using Lekas Highway. For the record, the Lekas Highway is part of our IJM group. As part of promotion, I wish to invite all of you to use Lekas Highway as it provide a faster alternative route to Negeri Seremban state from Kajang.

5th day Eid - visiting dear friend

I have written quite a number of entry about my best friend Dilla. To refresh my memory of her, we've been introduced in Karachi back in 2009. When I shifted back to Malaysia, whe was transferred to Islamabad but now she is in Jakarta. My memory lane with her family were written in Dream World, Karachi entry. On my birthday, 16th August, her husband send Phoenix and Kayla (their beloved Persian cat) for us to look after. Okay, we promised to share the cats, sincerely. By the way, she included our visit in her blog, Hari Raya 2013.

Best Friend Forever, so alike
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