Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The kittens once

Kitty on my lap in Khayaban-i-Hilal house, Karachi

The first cat that we had in our house was when my late parent died in 2002. They left an adorable cat, fully trained to no one. I took him home to our place in Cheras from Bachok village, a family house. It survived few months in the city before he disappeared without trace. Later, my younger brother brought home a stray cat who shit on his bed. I had to clean patiently though my heart was burning with anger. He took away the cat thereafter.

Syahirah was 15 and Kitty was 3 weeks old, December 2007

When I decided to work abroad in 2007, I bought "Kitty" from the Empress Market, Karachi. Cheah Lee has helped me to get a smoked blue Persian after careful selection. He was an adorable kitten, my companion for few months before the family joined us in end November 2007. We took him home when there's chaos in Karachi city right after the death/assassination of the late Benazir Bhutto. Ever since, Kitty has accompanied my husband and took my place in the house. They two became inseparable. 

However, somewhere in 2009, Kitty met in an accidence and died peacefully in the bathroom. We were crying at his funeral. My husband was greatly affected. I made everyone promised not to have Kitty's replacement as it was very sad to bear the loss feeling.

1st week of Jan, 2010 - Billy was a father to 4 male & 1 female kittens

My best friend, Dilla gave away Billy when she had Zara as Billy was an extremely active cat who always disturbed a baby. Hubby took him with him in mid 2009 before my the demobilisation back to Kuala Lumpur. He married Bella, my brother's cat and later they had 5 beautiful kittens in early January 2010. It was a glorious day for all of us.

Lola, 2nd week of February 2010

We took home Mickey and Lola back to our Cheras home (fair sharing) in February 2010 as Syahirah is very fond of her. The remaining 3 under my brother's custodian died after another, whilst, Mickey died in December 2011 due to infection. We were all saddened with the lost. Lola was hit by a car right in front of the house that forced her to stay in the hospital for more than 2 weeks. She was cured but it was not advisable to have a baby as her pelvic was badly affected. It might endanger her life.

1st week of May 2010, the week Tottie & Roger was born

I took Tommy and Maya home from Karachi (purchased from the same Empress Market in Karachi) with me in February 2010. With Billy around, Maya got pregnant and later gave birth to 2 beloved kitten, Roger and Tottie in early May 2010. The 2 of them, Lola and Mickey, Tommy and Maya with Billy before he went missing has made our family becoming very large. However, 1 after another gone away, being stolen, Maya died in an accident has left us with only Tottie and Maya till present.

Roger in May 2010

Now, Maya is already 4 and a half years old and Tottie is 4. We will remain our family of 6 till we moved out to a new place which will be more convenience and spacious for them and us.

3rd week of May 2010

All photos are the memory of our life together with the kittens which are priceless and full of happiness. Thank you Allah for giving us so much joy and happiness in our home.

June 2010

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