Friday, June 7, 2013

Ko Samui - The Food

One of the many things that we like about our travel in Thailand is the food. As we (the Thais and the Malaysian) are neighbours, most of the Thai foods are easily available in Malaysia. There are plenty of Thai Restaurant in all over Malaysia. I wish to share in this entry all the foods that we have during our 3 days stay in Ko Samui Island.

Tomyam Kung - cooked with coconut oil, our favourite!

BBQ chicken with spicy and delicious sauce

Special BBQ fish with extra delicious sauce with baked potato

The famous "Somtam"

Oyster, lime and chili dipping sauce
All the above 5 dishes was what we had during our 1st day at 1 out of many restaurant along the food and market street of Chaweng Beach. The dinner cost nearly THB1100 but it was our most favorite place among all the places. The 5 photos below were snapped at Chaweng Walking Street which is open only in the evening. We found that mostly selected hawker's food in this area are charge at much more reasonable rates.

Khao Yam found at Chaweng Walking street

Sticky rice spread with fried dal nuts, added with sweet coconut milk, served with mango 
On the 2nd day, we had plan to enjoy the hawker's food at Chaweng night market, however, when we get there at 4pm, we were told that the shops start operating only after dawn. With no other choice, we walked back to the same rows of resturant and shops seated along the Chaweng Beach and chose 1 of the restaurant who charged slightly cheaper than the restaurant of the first night. However, to our dissapointment, they used not a fresh sea foods and very adamant in denying the truth when we asked the dishes to be change. We were very much disappointed with all 5 dishes in below photos.

Original tomyam soup, watery without use of coconut milk

Specially cooked steam+fried fish

Special fried tiger prawn with ginger and garlic

Deep fried calamari with chili sauce

On the 3rd day when we reached Surat Thani railway station, we had a simple meal, 2 steam rice, omelette's and a bowl of tomyam which were charged at only THB 200. Very satisfying to our taste and budget. Most recommended meals for travellers.

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