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Bangkok - Pattaya, 2005

Tour date: 18th to 23rd December 2005

I started to keep a journal, both on daily life's activities and financial statement after reading books written by Robert Kiyoshaki and S.Robin Sharma in 2005. In fact, 2005 opened up my eyes to a lot of positive thing, I started saving for future, I bought a medium cost apartment and also a plot of land. We also stop having children's :) 4 is enough.

Unfortunately, all those records has gone with the damaged hard disk. Sigh. I was shattered as I lost many of memorable record including a detail itinerary to Bangkok and Pattaya with the boys. No details can be shared except that I recall few places we go and the place we stay, a 3-star hotel in China Town. However, I learned to let go and detached my emotion for any extreme sad feeling. Nothing is indispensable in life. You need to move on, and I did.

I also remember that 2 lady friend that was with me during International Valuation Course in INSPEN came to meet us on the day we arrived. They waited at the hotel and we slowly walked to get a MRT, heading to Chatuchak Market. We passed by a nice temple, we stopped, both of my Thai friend was offering prayer and we continued a walked to the MRT station. They paid our fares and the kids were enjoying the ride. They helped me snapped the photo of me and the boys, shared in the last 2 photo, below.

We spent so much time in a famous Chatuchak weekend market, shopping local products for souvenirs to our friends and family. We had Thai laksa as we couldn't find anything "Halal" for us. We took a train back to the hotel. I lost contact with my Thai friend. It was sad.

We went to many zoos and safari's in Bangkok and Pattaya including an elephant zoo. The children's were given opportunity to had an elephant ride. I couldn't wait to leave as I saw how the elephant guide use a sharp metal to make the elephant listened to him. I opined that his act is cruel. 

The most enjoyable place to the boys was when we spent almost a day in Safari Bangkok whereby an international buffet lunch was included in the ticket. During the lunch, we accidentally ate the soup cooked using a pig's bone. We stopped when a Singaporean lady who saw what we were doing told her son in a loud voice that it was not "Halal" as it was a pork soup. My husband had 2 bowls and I had 1. What an experience.

My husband and I was very excited when we entered the dolphin show where a crowds of beautiful children joined us that day. They were all singing and cheering. They are lovely children, how we wish we could kidnap 1 of the beautiful Thai girl home. We were seated among them. You all must have agreed with me by looking at the beautiful girl in below photo.

When we were in Pattaya, they children's had their swim at the beautiful island. We went shopping at night in Pattaya. On the road to Pattaya, Johny, our tour guide had arranged a Muslim food nearby the mosque. We were so grateful for his kindness.

As our hotel is in China Town, we had the last morning shopping at the China Town market and also at MBK Mall. We went to MBK Mall a night before we left by taking a bus. On the way to airport, Johny was kind to take me to Jim Thompson where hubby bought 5 suits of materials that I cherished till now. It was my first shopping in Jim Thompson but I could not recall which outlet. Okay, I must not forget that we have been to the River City during day time (morning) for a cruise before journeyed to Pattaya by bus. We stopped to explore Wat Arun and a fake floating market. 

Though I am not able to recall the actual itinerary of our Bangkok Trip like any other trip, I am still happy that I managed to record a very little memories of us with the young kids.

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