Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fine dining in Karachi, Okra

During my stay in 2007 till my demobilisation from Karachi in beginning 2010, not even once I've been to Okra, a restaurant located in Zamzama, 10th Street. It was opened in 1999 offering a selection of true Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian food. You may find the details in here, Okra Restaurant.

Okra June Sign

The Malaysia Consul General to Karachi took me and my boss in May 2013 for dinner on our arrival from Malaysia for business meeting. I did not really ordered properly as I was still full from Emirates meals serve on the plane and merely sharing what Hidia ordered, the starter and the main course. We did not even ordered dessert that night.

My choice of starter, figs, as recommended by our counsel

On 13th June 2013, after the second day @ conclusion of my boss cross-examination, the Senior Counsel of the law firm that represented our company took us again to Okra for lunch. With the high spirit for celebration, all 3 of us enjoyed the food at Okra so very much. We had a proper order, starter, main course and dessert. It was a great lunch.

My boss choice for starter

One of the thing that I personally enjoy staying in Karachi is the fine dining. I spent a lot of time those years indulging the foods with my friends, many close 1 that I found in Karachi. Zamzama is 1 of our favourite place. The local counsel, knew the food so well and had given the best recommendation for us, which we truly enjoyed. 

Fresh figs as starter, really awesome!

I chose Red Snapper whilst my boss preferred a selection of sea foods in Olive oil. Both of our main course had an excellent taste, most recommended to all.

Main course, sea foods in olive oil

Red Snapper, real fresh fish

The counsel told me that I had to try the fresh figs dessert which is serve with a heaven, divine, jannah taste sauce. He ordered on my behalf as the fresh figs are sometimes out of stock. I was lucky to have the divine figs dessert, pictured in below photo.

In May 2013, we were all attracted with the restaurant sign "No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Politics, No  Starring, No Firearm, No Cigars, No Photographic, No Credit". I had a picture with the sign. Should you feel like treating yourself with a fine, delicious, fine meals, please make reservation and/or walk-in to Okra.

Okra May Sign

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