Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hamburg - Shopping in WMF outlet

Date: 13th October 2015

Words could not described my happiness when I step inside Hamburg WMF outlet before heading back to the hotel after finishing with what we can cover during our short limited stay in the city. It's a complete store, everything what WMF and its associate brand had and came into display. For those who has been following me must have not forgotten, how crazy I was/am with WMF product. For those who not, may read how frantically crazy I was when I arrived in Munich, last year, searching for it in Marienplatz "Shopping in Munich City". 

You too may visit WMF website to understand why do I get a little bit crazy with what they have to offer in their premises. I'm sharing photos mostly all WMF items (except for those brands associated with them, but not manufactured in Germany) available in the outlet located not far from the City Hall or shopping district. It bear an address as WMF Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG, Eberhardstra├če 17, 73312 Geislingen an der Steige, Hamburg. The first thing I grabbed was a cutlery set which has more than 60 pieces at a sales price. However, it weight about 5kg which comes in a box. To carry that 5 kg along with me while touring another 5 cities, all the way to Moscow would be a burdensome and worrisome. So, I had to wisely exchanged them with a knife set only.

I'm thankful to the sales assistant that kindly explain the difference in each of their knifes and why the price varies. A good education though and I was feeling happy leaving the store with a happy purchase knowing that the knifes would be in my family for generations to come. Anyhow, Nazhif is visiting Sheffield, a city of steel, next week. I hope he can find other choices equivalent to WMF in UK that is easier for him to brought home. Last night, after watching movie with Syahirah in KLCC (rare event indeed, watching movie on working day) we get to see Royal Albert and Notitake displays in Isetan Shopping Mall. We must have a set of good quality of tableware too, I opined, but these thing are not cheap though. A pain to my purse, sigh!

Baking corner, Sigh!

Cooking Pot is not that important but the yellow set is so enticing, Sigh!

Aimed for a few item in the rack, Sigh!

Bought some in Munich last year

A must buy too, Sigh

The coffee maker and all other kitchenware are a mush have in my future kitchen. Must ensure that my kitchen my fill with items shown in the above and below photo. How nice, Sigh!

Children selection corner, my children could buy that for their children (hehe, must force them to buy)

Other small little thing to complete your kitchen, beautiful isn't it?

Leaving with a heavy heart, last snap before saying farewell

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