Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day, 2015 - Nasrul is officially 18sx

I wasn't home to celebrate Nasrul's birthday last year as I was in Hanoi for the 3rd leg train rides. But his birthday was greatly spent caused his father, who hopelessly adored him make sure that he gets what he wanted on his last birthday. For this year, on Christmas day, we thought of spending a night stay at Bukit Tinggi resort but the rate per night was nearly RM1,500 due to a peak holiday season. Hubby said it's not worth it, hence we rescheduled the vacation to Langkawi instead. 

Birthday lunch at D'Templer

Syahirah insisted to go since her leave was approved. Bukit Tinggi is located not far from Kuala Lumpur, therefore it is possible to make a day trip. We did as that, planned a day tour to celebrate this Apple's boy birthday. We started off at 12 noon from home and stopped for birthday lunch at D'Templer, a chinese muslim restaurant on our way heading towards Karak Highway. Thereafter, we drove straight to Bukit Tinggi to see whether or not we shall missed anything for not spending a night. The place was full with tourist, local and foreign as it was a Christmas Day. We could not stand so long with so much crowds at a small place. 

We adjourned to the Botanical Garden and Japanese Village which was part of the Berjaya Hills resort attractions. Truly amazing to be inside the beautiful gardens. Everybody enjoys the trip so much, especially the birthday boy. Happy birthday my Apple boy, you are the reason that I look forward for tomorrow to see how well you growth. May your sister and brothers shall love and protect you even after we, your parents has left this world. Please remember what and where we spent on 25th December 2015. I was really happy when he started to pose for photo, being a camera shy person.

Beautiful fish pond in Botanical Garden

Started posing for photos after a cold response earlier on

They are so much in hate & love relationship

In a happy mode!

Hugged him tightly promising that this was the last photo

Once we were back in Kuala Lumpur, we agreed for a place to a birthday dinner, i.e. western food at Victoria Station, Jalan Ampang. Everyone's however agreed that we need to go for places where there are burgers. Yes, Nasrul simply loves burger and Nachos.

Birthday dinner at Victoria Station
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