Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Amsterdam - Glance through visited place

At the onset, I wish to share what have we covered during our 3 days and 2 night stay in Amsterdam. First and foremost, we arrived happily at Amsterdam Centraal via Thalys high speed train in less than 2 hours from Brussels Midi station.  Our original itineraries does not have much places as Anne has booked a tour to Volendam, Marken and Windmills on day 2. We initially thought that we could cover an exploration inside the 2 museums, the Rijksmuseum being Netherland's National Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, since I adore some of Van Gogh's painting. No, it's actually because I have read fictional biography of Van Gogh to understand his life as a crack's person but a genius artist.
Van Gogh Museum was the first destination after lunch

Since we occupied a hotel which is nearby to cities attraction, we managed to cover a lot more than what we initially expected. Before, I'm going deeper in writing the reasons and the history backgrounds of those attraction, let us start with sharing those places that we've recorded our footsteps. For the record, it is in a pictorial forms, not much writing as yet okay.

Sadly that the Rijksmuseum was closed by the time we arrived
A visit to Holland's windmill is a must

And a visit to the cheese factory in Volendam
We had lunch here
Tested "Herring" in Marken
We took Marken Express to see the shoes factory

A photo with a giant shoe is another must

Worth adventure with a canal cruise, Euro14 per person
A selfie with Amsterdam Centraale magnificent building
A last stop at this pancake shop having coffee and crepes after shopping at nearby H&M boutique

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