Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

1st January 2016

Tottie pose on the last morning of 2015, 31/12/2015

How time flies, today is already the first day of 2016 and I wanted to do the first entry on the beginning of the year with so much contentment. Above anything, I wish 2016 will bring so much enlightenment to all humankind. Please please first, be good to yourself, next do treat people close to your circle with unconditional loves and finally treat everyone equally no matter what race, religions or colors they are. Say NO to racism. And please be kind to animals too as what matters to the Almighty is for us all to care deeply for ourselves and our surroundings. Protect the universe by protecting earth and everything that comes within.

Alas, I no longer wish and cares about resolution. Life is too beautiful to have obligations with what do and what don't as we normally indicated in the resolution list. What important is to have conscience in everything we do that something greater Who protecting His creation is looking down at everyone, without exception. Have faith and be able to self judge the level that one set for him or herself. Just follow what was fated while doing best in everything we do.

As for me, 2015 has given me so much greatness and on overview, below are summaries of what I've gone through for the past 1 year that I wish to record before moving ahead with 2016:-

January 2015 - Reporting to work in my present workplace, where it has been in my wish list. Allah has granted those wish and for now has given me not only a better income job but with material life security. 

February 2015 - Being able to explore Cameron Highlands attraction for the sake of this blog during Chinese New Year break. A great things to do, that is, appreciate own nation, own country. Loving my country, Malaysia despite of lowest political morale ever in the history that place Malaysian in  the most shameful situation.

March 2015 - Unpleasant situation happened that made me started to think of shifting job again. Somehow, a rescue came that enable me to revisit my position and stay still. Started to learn about patience and perseverance. Succeeded thus far, but it change me as a person. A turning point!

April 2015 - My blog has reached 100K pageviews and 8 months later, 150K (total page views as of 3rd week of December 2015).

May - June 2015 - Pretty occupied with a new assignment and a new team. 

July 2015 - Nasrul has finally decided to become a college student and move out to stay in the hostel. Time really flies, he suddenly becoming an independent person that makes his poor parents speechless.  

August 2015 - A month full of stress due to year 2 Bsc External Jurisprudence examinations where the preparation makes it even more stressful. Nothing matters nor excites me other than the exam.

September 2015 - A big decision to sponsor Nazhif to further his ambition pursuing Bachelor and Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Glasgow University after much considerations and checking the finance. It was where we decided to put the house on sale for many good reasons. Most importantly I was able to detach myself from holding onto a house, a material things which will not follow me after I have left this life behind.

October 2015 - Shortly after it was time for my 4th train rides to Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. It was a tiring but miraculously exciting. 

November/December 2015 - Had listed few important task to finish off before ending 2015. Managed to clear those, i.e. printed a Quran translation in Malay be in time for siblings who departed to perform umrah. Visited 2 attractions in Malaysia during long breaks, i.e. Bukit Tinggi and Batu Caves. Vowed to make use of 2016 productively. So looking forward for new year, really exciting start. 

I wish you a Happy New Year everyone... stay bliss and bless!

Missing Karachi city today, hence, the photo snapped in 2013

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