Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Date: 4th January 2015

So many sad incidents happened that impacted Malaysia and leaves Malaysian in great despair and misery. It started with the unknown whereabouts of MH370 till present, MH17 that was shot down resulting cruel death of everyone who were in the plane and the recent Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore. In late December, a heavy floods due to typhoon has caused a disaster to my home town in the East Malaysia, Kelantan.

As for me personally, I was in great despair when my best friend, Maznah passed away due to her long illness of leukemia. Her death has impacted me a lot, it brought me closer to Allah. I sought forgiveness every single day sincerely before it's my time to join Maznah in hereinafter. Secondly, just before our project team, WCE is about to shift to project site, the Project Director has mentioned something sickening. Due to that, Allah has given me another future in another place. Tomorrow is my first day at the new workplace. I'm so blessed that Allah is watching after me despite of my sins.

I have mentioned 4 important things that I would do or rather bravely facing in 2014. Check what I wrote in "last year's (2014) greeting". I managed to overcome the attachment of worldly desire 1 by 1 in preparing myself to see Allah. I make peace with myself by slowly detaching with what I yearned so much to hold, for example a wish to retire in IJM, a craving for Prada handbags etc etc. I manage to enjoy simple thing by enjoying what life has to offer. Every morning that I wakened up with feels like a bonus that was given by Allah for me to be able to seek forgiveness in order to limit so many guilt over my sins. I'm indeed getting ready for each day to come.

Beside the 2 sad incident of losing a dear friend and resignation from a good company, I am so thankful that Allah has given me a lot more. A friendship with Ane Zarina and our huge travel plan by train. We have covered 5,723km train rides alone in Europe and Asia add up 7,192km including our 1st ride in 2013. You may want to read all the train adventure in here, Train Rides. In addition, I have succeeded to write all my travelogue thus far. I became friendly with Trip Advisor too despite a heavy schedule. Last but not least, I passed 4 papers in my first year of BJurist External programme in University Malaya.  

As for the bungalow and the condominium, it's all set as planned. With the new job, I'm able to pay the monthly installment. Syahirah, my daughter has started earning on her own. Similarly, Nasrul who turned 17 on 25th December 2014 decided to work part time at Domino Pizza while waiting for his SPM result to be out. 2014 has ended well for me and I pray the same goes for the rest of you. I have included everyone that I know and I don't know in my daily prayer. I wish for everyone to have a peace of mind, happiness, success and a chance to change from bad to good, from good to better, from better to best. Just remember that we (I mean everyone in the whole world) is special in God's eyes no matter what religion we practiced.

I pen off now and I wish a very good night and happy day... May you be under God's protection wherever you are. Peace!   
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