Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcoming 2014 Goodbye 2013

May 2014 shall be a wonderful years to everyone and may bring more wisdom as we age.

I was tearing silently on the last day of 2013 when the doctor advised me to go for minor operation to remove an overgrown bones attached to my Type 2 Acromion. His frank statement was "you have been using it for the last 47 years (sign of aging, rather aged!!!) and it's time to heal it by giving sufficient space for the right arm tendon to move carefree", added with "you are born that way (acromion type 2)".

Why the tears? Looking back and forth, I have used up all oxygen's and organs granted by Allah to the full maximum. Allah has gently reminded me to pause and take a wise step from now on. He (Allah) has given me a lots and still is. How can I not be thankful? Truthfully, I long for him all the time, I should pray for him during my conscious and unconscious time. I will improve my remembrance to Him as a top priority things to do list.

As for 2014, I pray to do well in the following:-
  1. Improve the way I talk with people by choosing appropriate words not to hurt and be hurt;
  2. Enjoy my well plan train rides in April and December 2014;
  3. Do well in all 5 papers of my Jurisprudence exam in August 2014; and 
  4. Manage my financing and spending as the house construction will use-up all my 5 years saving and to serve monthly payment to the Condominium, scheduled for completion this year. 

May trains & me will be inseparable until the target routes are achieved, Amen!

Happy new year everyone. Looking forward for your support in 2014. Love, peace & compassion from me to you :)

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