Saturday, December 27, 2014

100 Days of Happiness - Day 21 to 30

30 days has passed. How times fly. I've been counting my last working day in IJM. Yesterday, Monday, the 22nd is the last day I was in WCE Kota Kemuning project office. I sighed with relieves a few times. From the day I throw in my letter until the day I stepped out from the office, I feel so good about leaving. It felt like the burden of wanting to stay has been lifted from my heart after months of miserable wait. I'm sorry if I sounded like it was that bad to stay but I really can't wait to start a new life in new year, 2015. Back to the topic that I've been writing at, my day 21 started with having a day out with my daughter having coffee at Starbucks. I chose JCo green tea ice blended which came with a cup, suited my 100 days of happiness project that state "enjoy a cup of happiness". Coffee lover would not deny that a cup of daily coffee indeed brought so much joy to their daily life. Both of us did enjoy our time together that day.

Day 21 - JCo Cappuccino Avocado for me & Starbucks Tiramisu Chocolate Chip for her

The next day, we went to collect the gifts from IJM Land for a successful handing over and taking over of the vacant unit in Altitude 236 from their sales office in Bukit Mandarina Enclave. I was with my daughter and my husband in 2011 viewing the show unit that both of them successfully booked on my behalf as I was in Maharashtra State at that time. The condominium was intended to be a place for her to start a nursery of her own. After 3 years, she obtained her Diploma in Early Child Education but she had a second thought about about her future. In the end, the condominium is up for rental. I really don't mind that so long there's tenant to share at least half of the monthly installment.

Day 22 - Holding onto Bukit Mandarina Yellow Orchid, a gift from taking over a key

Syahirah started to work in Uniqlo The Mines on 1st December 2014. She needed a new comfortable shoes for her sales job. Hubby, Syahirah and myself spent an evening out in a shopping mall looking for a right shoes for her. Thereafter, we stopped at GNC Health Store to buy a Fish Oil supplement as stocks. In the end we bought so many bottles for the 3 of us. Day 23 is about getting really serious about supplement to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Day 23 - consultation from GNC's expert

December is the month to get the Altitude ready to rent out. The agent has brought a potential tenant who is looking for immediate occupancy. Though they finally decided to get a smaller and higher unit, we get the condo furnished as soon as we can. Day 24, we spent an evening out, shopping for lightings and fans. It was a successful event as we bought sufficient lights to be fixed at the unit except for the balcony and breakfast counter. Surprisingly that Nasrul decided to tag along. After everything was done, all of us had a nice dinner outside.

Day 23 of happiness: spending quality time in Cima Lighting shop with love 1 admiring colours of star lights 

My 25 day of happiness was when I had to visit for the third time, my future working place in Damansara Utama. I was there twice before somewhere in August for the 1st and 2nd interview and was there again to meet the team that I might be assigned for. I pray that the job shift will come to an ease as I mostly probably will be working with my former team when I was in Smart Tunnel. Having to hear that probability had made my day extremely happy. Allah has definitely laid a better path for me as it was my hope way back when I left MMC to join back the best working team that I ever work with during those 10 years in MMC.

Day 25 of happiness: a direction to where my future would be. Turning left, ahead of the road, the building proudly standing, amin ya rab alamin

As 22nd December was coming nearer, I prepared for the handing notes quite early and tidy up my place for the new person to take over. I snapped a photo of the E32 WCE alignment that I printed 2 years back on the wall. It has a sweet memory though. In the last 2 years I was having a blast in life finding the most beautiful friendship with 7 girlfriends who became specially attached to me beside my other best friend, Ane. We became very fond with each other to the extent that we formed a group whatsapp, the 8 of us, named "Shopaholics". I would not trade our friendship for anything else in this world. This morning, we received another news that brought so much happiness to us, Ila has given birth to a baby girl. 2.5 months after Nurul given birth to a baby boy. Soon, it will be Shakira.

Day 26 of happiness: The expressway alignment, E32 shall forever stick to memory lane as my "8 shopaholics group" exist due to the project

I'm going to miss my present colleagues in Kota Kemuning office too. They are the one who went out on regular lunch date with me. There are few, Saari, Amin, Maria, EQ and Zaima (who unfortunately left a month earlier). My last week in Kota Kemuning was to revisit all those restaurant we went thus far. Monday was a heavy lunch at Hatini Restaurant in Section 10, Shah Alam, Tuesday at another Kelantanese Restaurant, Moksu, Wednesday, we were having Thai Food, a Farewell lunch was held in Mohd Chan a Chinese Muslim Restaurant and Friday, three of us, ladies again having lunch again in Hatinie Restaurant.

Day 27 of happiness: suffice to have this Magnum Gold ice cream made with Belgian Chocolate after lunch that conclude a happy shiny day

It was a public holiday when I met Kenny to finalize the kitchen cabinet design and contract for the condominium. Kenny is a specialist interior design, mainly in built-in cabinets. I have not met him since a long time when the construction business was safely taken over by hubby. Kenny has aged as I aged. He has white hair all over him as is mine. The only different is, he could not see mine as I wore head scarf.  We met in Altitude and finalized everything on the same day. As I'm blogging this entry, Kenny's worker is fixing a kitchen cabinet in the condominium. For the record, writing in the condo having a peaceful time at the balcony facing the KL city view and water feature sounds gives lot of inspiration. You guys would have a chance to see what I was talking about once the condo has been furnished the way I wanted them to be once it is 100% ready.

Day 28 of happiness: an efficient public holiday, settling issues at Putrajaya and now finalising small contract at good bargain with old fren, Kenny

Thursday, 18th December 2014 was my farewell lunch with my colleagues. I chose a Muslim Chinese Restaurant, Mohd Chan to celebrate those few last days. 

Day 30 of happiness was having able to capture below moments between hubby and Tottie. Tottie, the cat is really devoted to my husband. He would be following hubby at all hours starting in the morning when I open the door for morning prayer. After his meal, he will wait next to hubby to finish his prayer and would not move an inch until hubby took him out for a nap at the car porch. Similarly in the afternoon when hubby came back from work. These 2 are inseparable.

Day 30 of happiness: to have this kind of love, loyalty & affection between man and animal, father and son is indeed priceless
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