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The story of us, Our wedding

Solemnization night on 24th April 1991
I'm sharing now our love story which ended in a wedding solemnization on 24th April 1991. The reception on my family side in Kelantan was held the next day. We first met on my second day at work in Central Bank of Malaysia, situated in Jalan Dato' Onn, in the heart of KL center, sometimes in June 1989. Almost 25 years ago and almost 23 years as husband and wife.

His signature after a successful akad entered into marriage
My turn for recorded my signature on the marriage certificate

I was walking up to the Block A from the KL Branch building (where I usually walked from Jalan Raja Laut bus stop) and he was on his way to the office cafetaria after he parked a car in Block C basement. He offered a friendly smile when he saw me. Instead of returning the same, I merely gave him a glimpse with no reaction on my face. I had the conversation with myself that "Oh my, this guy must be a playboy here. I cannot marry this type as he surely will 1 day take a second wife" and walked off. About 10 minutes later, he entered into my office on 13th Floor and again, he offered another smile. I was blurred for a while, "what was he doing here in my office?".

Khatan Quran ceremony with sister and brother the next wedding

My colleague, Razuan (now my brother in-law) later informed that the guy that I saw was in charge on the Bank's resort. Our department is a General Services Department (GSD), handling all Central Bank's property and building maintenance. When I walked to the pantry, Zul, an architect in GSD introduced me to him. He threw his 3rd smile for the morning session and I greeted him well this time hiding my embarrassment. Zul is my husband's close friend but we made a promise when we were dating not to reveal our relationship to the office colleague until it was time for us to tie a knot, at least an engagement.

Big day in Kelantan

Cutting cake ceremony
Few weeks later, he started offering to send me back to my rented apartment in Kg Baru. Initially, Razuan and Zahari tag along but after a while, when we were serious with each other, we made excused to disappeared without them 2. He was my 3rd fiance and my mother was so concern for us to immediately wedded as she could not tolerate anymore humiliation of broken engagement from me. I was the only 1 who gave her that severe headache. Due to that, my engagement ceremony was held at my sister's place in Kuantan. When I brought my husband home (before we were engaged) when he was was in Kota Bharu doing an auditing works, my mother had no excused to say about my wrongful act.

With husband's large family side all the way from KL

With some of my large family side

When the wedding invitation card was distributed, they were some comments received from the villagers that the famous girl with such record has finally about to settle down. It was so much happiness and blissful event for my parents the night when my husband took my hand of marriage from my father.

Gift opening session
There were 2 days ceremony from the night of the wedding on 24th April and the reception on 25th April in Kelantan. The reception on my husband side was held in Kuala Lumpur a week letter. We had countless wedding photos session with families and friends for 2 nights and 2 days. When the event was completed on 25th April, our family (my side) gathered and counted the money that was received from the guests. Following Kelantanese custom, my parent was the 1 who prepared for everything according to their budget. The gifts in a cash monetary form from the those invited guest had covered up their expenses. Those days, I have not heard that people borrowed money to have a wedding ceremony, not my parent. Things change these days.

Invitation card for husband side in Selayang

My college mate who came all the way to be with me on 5th May 1991

I was the first daughter in law for my husband family. My late mother in law did not have any daughter of her own and that made me her first daughter. She insisted that I was brought over to her house on reception day. My late mother was not happy as it was against our custom. After we explained to her how important it was for my late mother in law, she finally gave in.


In the end, our group from Kelantan who supposed to send me off to the mother in law house was not received properly by them. All attention was on my husband and me, whom already at her place. However what was important for both parents are our happiness. We are, alhamdulillah, with all their prayers stay united as husband and wife, coming to celebrate our 23rd years anniversary, insha Allah on 24th April 2014.

We hope and pray that Allah will bless us with growing old together till Jannah. Amen! 
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