Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The first boy - Nazhif

When Syahirah was 26 months old, we brought Nazhif back from the hospital. She was at the point when I was admitted to give birth to our first son was still breast feeding. Pitied her as she has to stop breast feed and depended solely on the bottle milk. Nazhif was born on 2nd March 1994 at the same hospital where Syahirah was born. Doctor Salleh, my gynae was present though it was time for sehri, a morning meal to start fasting. I was not fasting in the whole month but managed to replace all before the following fasting month begins. The tip is through strict discipline to fast minimum 3 days a months soon after the confinement (30 days divide by 10 months).

Hubby was not present during labor time as he went back home for a short while for sehri and promised to return to the hospital as soon as he can. The baby could not wait and doctor decided to proceed without hubby's presence. It was almost 10 hours of labor pains when the gynae finally managed to pull out Nazhif's big head. I was too panic and forgot all about pushing technique causing the blood spots appearing on my whole face (due to over pushing). It was a tiny blood spots as if my face was got bitten by the mosquitoes.  

The nurses and the doctor were with me the whole time. I felt special, safe and protected though husband was not presence at those critical time. It was a normal delivery without any induce pill and I was in a very lesser pain compared to my first experienced with Syahirah. The nurse was equally excited to see the baby's and they started guessing that the baby is a girl. Only the head nurse guessed a boy and she was right. Nazhif was very fair and very much girl alike when he was a baby.  

Hubby arrived just in time when the baby got washed clean by the nurses. He gave the first azan (call for prayer) to Nazhif's ear (obligatory by a Muslim for the newborn baby). No slapping that time as I was truly overjoyed with a bundle of joy, having a pair in a family of 4. We both kept staring at his face over and over again. Could not believe that Allah has given a complete family for us back in 1994, just after 3 years of marriage life. Nazhif completes our ideal family list.

3 days later, we brought Nazhif's home. A home is the house that we bought as mentioned earlier in a story about Syahirah. After a short waiting period, the house key was successfully handed over; enable us to shift in right before Nazhif's delivery. We shifted to Cheras in end of 1993. Nor, the girl holding Nazhif in the 3rd picture and above was our first maid. We hired her few months before shifting to a new house. Nor had helped a lot with the shifting and looking after the babies during my confinement. She is a Malay Siamese from Thailand border. 

Nazhif has a big eyes but a stubborn character since small till now. Being no. 2 in the family made this boy very difficult to handle when he grew up. He sought all our attention on him which quite hard when later the other 2 boys join our world. However, he has a strong determination and always strive the best in whatever he did. That made us a proud parent. 

When he was in primary school, we sent him for a 2 days motivation classes. What he recorded in his wisdom list to wrap-up the training, suffice to made us, the parent feeling so very proud. This guy has a very far dream to be successful in his 30's by listing of what he needed to do in order to achieve those. He was at that time 12 years old. But, life is not as sweet as you may dream for. Along the way, one has to stumble in order to have greater motivational spirit to overcome those failures. I've seen that spirit in him. 

Unfortunately for this boy, when below photo was captured, he, still that very small state was due to welcome a baby brother. I felt so guilty for not able to give full time breast feeding, full attention and enough love as not even a year later, we were unexpectedly conceived. It came as a big surprised. It brought tears of pain and joy at a later stage. To be continued....

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