Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Syahirah, 7th February 1992

Happy Birhday, baby girl

Our daughter is 22 years old today and I wish her a wonderful life ahead of her in whatever she decides to do or which direction will lead her path. We conceived her on our first month though my menstrual came few days after the wedding. She was born on Friday, 7th February 1992 before the Friday prayer slightly past noon time.

We were truly overjoyed when the doctor confirmed my pregnancy as becoming pregger brought so much happiness to the whole family, especially on my mother-in-law sides. After the news, we were looking for our first property, a house of our own and it was in Cheras that we finally chose. Our parent were not really happy as they wanted us to buy in Selayang somewhere near their place but we both had fallen so much in love with the 2 strorey intermediate house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Mak (mother-in-law) kept on saying that the journey was too far for her when  we took her and father in law to see the house model at the site. We stayed at the rented house in Sri Gombak from May 1991 till successful handing over keys of our first house.

God bless that the highway was built on concession by the Grand Saga few years later which improves the road conditions as well as the traffics. Due to that, the value of the house shoot up 4 times from the time we bought it in 1991 at only RM99,000.00. 

Witha Paksu Aman in Melaka Resort Hotel

In Genting Highland

It was a wonderful pregnancy period though the 1st trimester was not really good. During that time I took a driving licenses and passed on the 1st road driving test. I was 7 and half month pregnant when I sat on the driving test and the big tummy protruding up to make the JPJ tester had a pity on me. He even helped me to fasten the seat belt. The car engine was even dead at the traffic light area but he was kind to let it passed as I was telling him that I need to passed that time with my husband working outstation (very true) every alternate month with his bank auditing's work. Should I failed, I have to wait until after my delivery. JPJ would not allow those trimester pregger on the test.

With late grand mother - So much love

With her late grandfather - laughing together

Towards the last month of pregnancy, hubby was excused from performing auditing outside the head quarters which gave us more comfort in getting the final preparation before we received Syahirah into our world. Shopping for baby needs were the most en joyful trips for us both though we started only after on the 7th month. We knew it was a girl after regular check-up at the gynaecologist. Aman, my youngest brother in law was with us when the gynae informed the result and he immediately broke the joyful news to mother in law.

Papa Girl, always

Happiness overload

I had the first contraction on 7th February morning at around 1 am. It came slowly but frequently after 3am. Hubby was not happy as he thought I was faking the pain. After a very serious painful groans from me, we decided to check-in at the hospital, Pusat Rawatan Islam in Jalan Ipoh. My gynae, Dr Salleh was not on duty but the lovely beautiful Dr Nora was around to handle the delivery.

Her first walker

In Kuching, 22nd January 1993

I was pushed to the labor room at about 10.00 am when the contraction was strong enough. After 10 hours, the doctor decided to induce and the pain thereafter was unbelievable, unacceptable to the stake that I slapped hubby when he tried to pacify me by saying that every other women went through the same pain as me. The nurse was laughing at the scene. 

With late Maksu Eda in Pantai Irama, Bachok

With her cousin, Fatin in Sarikei, Sarawak

God bless me, after close to 12 hours of labor pain, I had given birth to a lovely little girl that brought tears to us both at about 12.30 noon. Though tired and in pain, the rest are history, I kept on looking at her bliss face feeling blissful with the gift from Allah. I was the most happiest mother in the entire universe.

I want her to know that we, as her parent, would always want the best for her though she was not ours to claim. She came through us but she belongs not to us, she has life on her own. Whenever she hurts my feeling and/or whenever we were both in disagreement I would only able to calm myself, saying my prayer and read again and again the famous poet "Children by Kahlil Gibran".

Spending eid in Bachok

With beloved utie

To you my daughter, MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY". Whatever path Allah has laid upon you, do remember us in your thought, sometime. We shall love and be there for you always and please remember that you and the rest of your sibling will be in our prayer always.
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