Friday, January 10, 2014

Hotel Amaroosa Bandung

My family members has voted that out of the 4 hotels that we stayed during our last vacation in Indonesia (Jakarta & Bandung), Hotel Amaroossa Bandung was their most favorite. Nevertheless, the best lodging ever was our last 2 nights in Jakarta accommodated by my best friend, Dilla at her place. Her company and her 3 gorgeous kids talks has left a special memoirs in our heart.

2 adjoining comfy rooms for 6 of us 
Naim was assigned to choose and book the hotel through "" and he received quite a number of complaints and scolding for his selection at Hotel 55 and Majesty Hotel. He was assuring all of us that Amaroosa would be our best adventures ever after Hotel Aryaduta in Jakarta. In addition, the hotel is located at Jalan Acheh, a very strategic area, i.e. within walking distance to the famous factory outlet, Heritage, Cascade, Rumah Mode and Secret. It is convenience to shop around as the factory outlet is closed at 10.00pm beside a plentiful of foods outlet within the neighborhood.  

Unique sofa at the GF lift lobby

Amaroossa Bandung is easily accessible from the Husein Sastranegara Airport and train station about 25 minutes or less in travel time. Due to it's strategic location, we are easily maneuver our way from Amaroossa boutique hotel to the shopping havens beside visiting the natural sights in Bandung area. We checked in at about 12 noon and were told that our room shall only be ready by 2pm, hence, we straightaway headed towards Factory outlets street after the above photo was snapped.

Special welcoming treat for me

Syahirah, Nasrul & I excused our self from the shopping spree and rested in the room. We were amazed with the sight and happily taking photos before the bed is ruin by the boys. The rooms decoration matching with the hotel serene ambiance of purplish decor. Even a welcoming cake came in purple color. 

She wishes to decorate her new room in the new house that way
If you open the Amaroossa Hotel link that I shared above, you may find this from their intro page "There is nothing to it when falling in love. It's so effortless, so natural. Staying in love, however, is a different matter. You have to go the extra mile or your chances of having a lasting relationship with your partner are small. Why not increase the odds with a romantic getaway in Bandung, the "Paris of Java"? Here you'll find The Amaroossa Hotel, where you can relish luscious meals and fall into each other's arms in enchanting accommodations. Such moments could be the start of the love that lasts a lifetime."

I, too wanted the same thing for my future bedroom

Someone was caught stealing my purple slice - the main focus was the balcony
I would definitely recommends this hotel to the love birds and/or the newly weds as their romantic getaway place. The international buffet breakfast were truly enjoyed by all of us. It's quite a crowd on 21st December 2013. We were told that Bandung is mostly busy during weekends as most of Jakarta residents Jakarta would choose to have a weekends getaway in a cold area of Bandung, away from Jakarta dusts and C02.

Scroll down the photos and you may agree with what I say. Thank you for agreeing :)

All of 4 children told their father to finish their bathroom exactly like this photo

Jungle theme swimming pool to cool yourself and feel the peace!
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