Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bandung - Sundanese Food "Raja Sunda"

Having family dinner here on 19th December 2013.

Raja Sunda Restaurant is ranked at no. 28 out of 391 by the Tripadvisors. It is strategically located at Jalan Terusan Pasteur No. 63, Bandung, West Jawa. We would recommend this place to all as the food serves here are worthy for money.

After dinner
Indonesia is a multicultural and a wide nation. The central of Indonesian culture is Java Island which also separated into some region such as Sunda. Sunda is part of West Java of Indonesia and has a culture distinct from the rest of Indonesia. Sundanese food is quite famous in Jakarta and Bandung. We’ve been to Ampera, house of Sundanese cuisine when we were in Jakarta and in Bandung, the taxi driver recommended a place called “Raja Sunda” of which, we love it way too much.

This Raja Sunda restaurant satisfies our cravings for local Indonesian cuisine when one is in Indonesia. We would recommend this restaurant as one of a must-visit place whenever you are in Bandung (repeated sentence).We tend to love the traditional favourites such as deep-fried gurame fish (crispy to the bone), sayur lodeh (curry vegetables) braised till meltingly soft, and the tahu telur (fried beancurd with egg and drizzled with sweet, thick gravy). I recommend you with any menu item that’s on charcoal-grilled, their specialities.

Photo tells a thousand story, hence, I'm sharing here with you what we ordered that night. The food charged that night slightly above RM100, cheap for our taste.

Strawberry fresh juice

Serving rice in a special bowl

Crispy fried cuttlefish

Prawn fried in a special sauce

Fried Kangkung with Tauhu Bakar

Gurame charcoal grill in a special Raja Sunda recipe - must try!

Deep fried "Flying Gurame" 

Ayam pop and mangoes salad

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