Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sundanese Food, Sambara Restaurant in Bandung & Warung Sunda Ampera 2 in Jakarta


We had another marvelous Sundanese meals for lunch in 1 of those break when we were in Bandung. The vehichles driver that we rent that day took us to Sambara in Jalan Muaraajeuran, the restaurant that is on Trip Advisor's recommended list. They have another outlet in Trans Studio Bandung. Beside Bandung, they also opened a branch in Jakarta, Serang, Ciberon, Sumatera and Kalimantang.

Beside an excellent food, the place has been decorated in a pure ethnic Sunda. The restaurant assistance are all wearing their traditional Sunda attire, which properly suited the environment. At the entrance foyer, a miniature wood dancer puppet and musical instruments are on display. Not forgotten theTrip Advisor and Google signs showing their participation in both webs on the international level, due to responses from both local and foreign visitors.

The food buffet is strategically located near the kitchen, hence, no smell of cooking is presence anywhere at the large dining hall. Variety of main dishes ready to be selected for them to send to the kitchen for final cooking were in display. Sunda's main favorite dish is Garumi Fish (freshwater fish), hence, coming to Sundanese restaurant it's a must to try dish for everyone.

Below display items are the green and red chili sambal and fresh vegetables for customer's to pick them up as part of the meals. It's more or less Asian salads in hot chili paste.


I first saw the photo of another Sundanese famous restaurant from my best friend photo collection in the Facebook. When Dilla moved to Jakarta in April 2013, she started to share quite a number of food varieties photos in Jakarta, coming from all different variety culture of Indonesia, which are very rich,indeed. She promised to take me there if I ever visited her. True to her words, the first day I met her in Jakarta, we had dinner at the said restaurant, Warung Sunda Ampera 2. I'm sharing the google map link directing you to the place, located in Central Jakarta.

The varieties of food selections on the display table of Ampera looks more exotic than a fine dining  of Sambara Bandung. I was amaze to see the simple shop (warung) and the ambience. This is not an AC restaurant as it's a merely a middle class eating place but the taste are equally good with Sambara. I assured you will have no regret eating at this place.

The cooked meals ready to eat with fresh vegetables and red chili sambal
What most important to me was to record a special moment with my best friend, Dilla. How I treasure our friendship.
Love this moment!

We tried Teh Botol (sweet tea in a bottle) for the first time

Last photo before saying my farewell
Hope you enjoy the photo and would 1 day visit both places that I recommend in this entry. Adios...
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