Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Minang Food - Natrabu Jakarta, Indonesia

My best friend, Dilla's root is Minangkabau as she came from Negeri sembilan, 1 of the 13th states forming the harmonious Asiatic country of Malaysia. When hubby mentioned the most recommended restaurant ""Natrabu" to her, she immediately nodded her awareness about the place, located in Sabang, Central Jakarta. We had dinner a night there before our departure home after a 9 day vacation in Indonesia.
Attraction corner of the place - Minangkabau Dais
The restaurant is a well-known fact to Malaysian as our present Prime Minister, Datuk Najib and the previous PM, Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi  had their reception at this restaurant. The restaurant has a reputation that sticks with old Minangkabau traditions which originally comes from West Sumatra. You may view the Minangkabau decoration from the shared photos of this entry. 

So ready to eat! 

Syahirah recorded her visit with our PM's photo inside the frame behind
Natrabu opened this place serving Minang food in July 1967 where it originally accommodated only 20 guests with 5 tables. Over the years, they have grown at the same place (at No. 29A, Jalan H. Agus Salim, Sabang, Centre Jakarta) from 20 guests to 640 pax maximum. It receives numerous awards including letter of recommendation from the Malaysian Embassy.

The Minangkabau groom and waitress
Various of dishes were spread on the tables for us to chose that night. Everything look good and tasty. One must remember that was how Minang food and Nasi Padang are serves to the customer. If you touches the whole things on the table, it means you wishes to eat the whole lot, hence it all will charged to you. Be careful and dont fall into the trap. Just touch and eat what you really wanted to, then the charges is much fairer.  

Tasty food in a clean environment place

Closer view of the dishes, some of it

In overall perspective, what we enjoyed most during our vacation to Indonesia was the food. Similarly when we were in Korea, we love to eat out and love the taste of how the Korean meticulously prepared their food. I have shared the link to their restaurant, above. You may click the lick should you want to know more about the place and I hope you will enjoy the food as much as we did.

We posed before we ate
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