Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stockholm - strolling the city at random places

Date of visit: 16th & 17th October 2015

This would be my last entry for Stockholm. There's another 3 more cities left before I'm able to share some of the many attractions in my own lovely country, Malaysia. For the record, I've been exploring quite a many ever since I return home from the 4th leg of the train race. Bukit Tinggi Resort, Batu Caves and Langkawi are among few three places my family and I've been at, thus far. During a long break on Chinese New Year festive, we had a  short 2 nights getaway in Gold Coast Morib. Shame on me, the sandy beaches in Morib Sepang was my first time visit although it's only 1 hour drive from my house. 

A view at night, though quite deserted turned as a fun night for me at this Stockholm waterfront harbour

Was planning to have lunch or dinner on day 2 at De Ville but had to cancel on last minute due to hectic schedule. For the record, Muslim will have no worries with food when in Stokholm. Trust me, you guys will be able to find quite many selection of Halal meal in the city.

Most of the European cities rested quite early in the evening. The photos that I'm gonna share in this entry were the ones that we snapped while strolling the city at the night we arrived on our arrival, 16th October 2015. I also wish to include some of those I have snapped after we finished the tour at the Vasa Museum. I hope you have read my previous entry of the Vaasa war machine ship which to me quite a wise investment by the Swedish Government to restore the 300 over year old ship for the new generations to see.

The facade of the National museum (in below photo) was under refurbishment at the time of our visit. Therefore, we skip a visit inside whilst at the same time we were fully aware that the closing time for all museums should be the same, i.e. 5 pm in the afternoon. Since a decision for Vasa Musuem is worth spending our time with, we did not feel anything amiss for not visiting the National Museum and Nodiska Museum.

2 museums in the photo, National & Nodiska

Having either a morning or dawn break by the waterfront harbor would be a great idea to spend your evening with. A waterfront harbour should become a place for you to hang out and spent time with at dawn or when the sun is down. It would be more beautiful to watch when the the sunrise or sunset were there to add natural lights to your photography. There's quite a number of historical and beautiful building that was established on the waterfront and I'm sharing below some of them, snapped while on our way to the Vasa Musuem.

We followed a short cut route back to the hotel on the 17th October after leaving the Vasa Museum. It was after the museum's closing time. Two photos snapped at the same spot  had a different outcome, one with me inside, was before the sunset and the other when the sun is about to set. Along the way, we found many more colorful building that ease our pain due to too much walking.

Last but not least, there's a beautiful church that I discovered (but not to Anne's liking), while looking for a way to the Town Hall from the hotel in the morning. It is a St John's church, built of brick which is open from 11 am till 4 pm and close on Monday. St. John's Church or “S:t Johannes kyrka” in Sweden is a church located in the Norrmalm district of Stockholm. It was designed by Carl Moller in the Gothic Revival style, completed in 1890. It has great interior space, characterized especially by the high Gothic arch windows and its glass paintings. This is really the end of what I wanted to share while in Stockholm.

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