Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rest in Peace dear sister

On Friday early morning, around 2 a.m, I received a call from my sister Roshayati that my dear sister Rosnani was in a car accident at 10.45pm, Thursday night. A strange feeling suddenly emerged and I merely able repeating "Allahuakbar (Allah is Great)" to whatever my sister had told me on the phone. A saddened Friday morning indeed to start with. Hence, we spent the whole Friday, 12th February 2016 productively to be with her on her last day on this earthly life. This is the story of what happened that day.

She pose beautifully when I snapped her photo while strolling Paris in 2015 

With a heavy heart I slowly arise from my bed, sat silently on the edge, doing nothing as nothing came into mind. From Allah we came and from Allah we shall return "Innalillahhiwainnailahirojiun" was all I can say. An arrangement has been made by my siblings who lives in nearby, my brother from Nilai will fetch another brother from Kajang and later my sister before fetching me in Cheras. It was decided that all 4 of us will travel in 1 car in order to be there with her at the fastest possible time. We need each other in a situation like that, just the way we were when we went back for our late father's final day. Thereafter, I performed a non-obligatory Tahajud prayer after I was done with short getaway luggage, unsure how long I would be away. We were supposed to travel to Singapore for a wedding that weekend. But no one had a heart to discuss those plans anymore. Everyone were in despair, a silent mode.

At 2.20pm when the machine was shut off, my sister Roshayati was hugging our younger nephew, Syafiqah

At around 4.30 am, we departed from my house and started to gather what had actually happened. My late sister apparently had urged her daughter Aishah to drive a Perodua Kancil car to send her best friend home after she closed her shop that night. Aishah was a bit reluctant but the mother pleaded. According to Aishah, her mother was all excited, looking forward as if she was ready to meet the Almighty. 3 of them were in a small car, and at 10.45pm, near a junction entering to her friend's house, a Toyota Vios suddenly hit their car from behind. You may see the conditions of both cars after the incident, snapped for police report attachment in below photos.

Mys sister was in passenger's seat, her friend at the back and Aishah on driver seat
No physical bodily injury to Vios passenger's

My sister's friend, who sat at passenger's seat at the back was greatly impacted by the impact. It took 2 hours for the Bomba to move her out from the car. She is miraculously alive and responded to medical assistance while transferring her fractured body (severely fractured from waist down) to the emergency unit. Whilst, my sister was in coma from the time the incident occurs to the time she passes. She spoke to no one, she passed away while in coma, declared as "brain death" by the medical team. The only thing we heard (hearsay) was from one of the niece that she did open her eyes at around 6 am when the doctors advised to gather all family members.

While waiting to be transferred to the Forensic Room

We received a phone call from our youngest brother at around 6pm informing that the doctor wishes to off the life supporting machine but unable to do so as no immediate next-of-kin to sign the release form. Her new husband and her children were not at the hospital at the time where I suspected was the last breath she had on her. We arrived at the hospital 4 hours later, and Syafikah, her youngest daughter was the one who straightaway came and hugging me so tightly while uncontrollably crying non-stop in my arm. I am in tears while writing this too, as I could understood her loss and her strong love towards her late mother, like I was in 1992. My sister Roshayati took Syafikah in her arm  when the life support machine shows an infinity sign and everybody accepted that was her last moment in this world. My sister was officially certified dead at 2.25pm on 12th February 2016, age 53 years old. 

In a hospital van taking her to the forensic room and to our family house in Bachok

Everything went smoothly after that. My sister and I were at her side almost at the whole time before her body was taken to the burial ground. From the time when she was on the waiting room, in the van to forensic room, we and her daughters were together for her last shower, in the van to house and when he body was lifted to the burial ground. Miraculously that nothing happened to Aishah except only minor bruises even though she was the one who drove the car. The doctor who attended to her in another hospital agreed to discharge her so that she can join us in a forensic room to perform the final ritual, her final shower. We finished wrapping her body when it was time for Asar prayer. If not due to a delays by the police who came very late to certify the death, we could have buried her right after Asar prayer. 

We left the hospital in a hearse (a hospital van that carries dead body). Four of us, including her husband and daughter, Ashikin accompanied her all the way home. Our relatives from all over the places were already waiting at home. We placed her at the same hall where the bodies of our beloved father, mother, 2 grandmothers and sister Nuraida used to wait before salat al-janazah were performed. Things happened for a reason, best known to Allah and I do not wish to share publicly of my conclusion why she finally be buried after Isha' prayer. For all good reason, her mother in law (her 1st husband) and relatives on their side able to bid farewell since they came all the way from Perak. 

Waiting for police to record the death before taking her out from the Forensic room

Death is something very certain to all human being. We just need to be prepared 24 hours for our time to come. I did whisper to my sister of my wishes to get everyone, especially my children not to shed tears on my funeral day as I really want to be 100% ready to meet the Creator, 100% happy to meet Him. But my sister said it is impossible. We both made promises that day of what we want  each other to ensure what need to be done should we passes before one another. It was a good thing that we were involved in the whole process. It leaves our heart at peace, knowing she passed on a good day, deserved a treatment of "khusnul khatimah", being dead on Friday and while on accident.

Our 10 sibling has now reduce to 7 as of now. Number 9 left before number 1 and 4. What left is number 2, 3, 5, 6 (me), 7, 8 and 10, all in the above photo.

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