Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stockholm Royal Palace - The Treasury

Date of visit: 17th October 2015

Visitors are not allowed to take pictures in the Treasury. But, unintentionally I snapped few photos until the guards told me off. Yes, the truth is I did broke the rules but while doing research for this entry, I found out that some of the display items were shared by the officials in their website. Therefore, I thought it would be alright for me to share some of those illegal snap that I made that day. I hope no authority will lock me up in jail for breaking the law, now that I'm back in my country and my current PM is famous for series of funny act.. hehe

Before we entered the dark cellar vaults at the Royal Palace where the Swedish Monarchy's most important symbols, such as the regalia are kept for safe-keeping, I snapped the beautiful, solid building which was once not really affected due to great fire. In the basement from where the entrance is somewhere down in below first photo, visitors are able to see Gustav Vasa´s sword of state, Erik XIV´s crown, sceptre and Lovisa Ulrika´s crown among others.

Entering the vault
Please kept all your camera stored in your luggage as after that line, it is forbidden

Several of The Princes and Princesses' crowns are also on view as well as the silver baptismal font from 1696, which is still used at royal baptisms. Everywhere you look you will see fascinating and exclusive art, steeped in exciting history. Previously, the regalia could only be seen at the opening of parliament and other formal state ceremonies. However, since 1970, they are now permanently exhibited in the Treasury.

In the vaults beneath the Royal Caste lies the Treasury where the most imporant symbols of the Swedish Monarcht is keept, the Regalias. There are other valuable items in the Treasury besides the Regalias with makes it well worth a visit by its own. The Treasury was open in 1969 to display the Regalias to the public. These items had before being kept safe allowing no one to see though it was allowed only for a few special occasions.

The Regalias are the property of the State and not the Royal Family. They are however to the disposition of the King whenever he needs them. Some of the most important and most valuable items in the Treasury are:
  • The Crown of King Erik XIV
  • The Sceptre of King Erik XIV
  • The Orb of King Erik XIV
  • The Sword of King Gustav Vasa
  • The Key of King Erik XIV
  • The Crown of Queen Lovisa Ulrika
  • The Crown of Queen Maria Eleonora
  • The Crown of Queen Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta
  • The Crown of Queen Sofia Albertina
  • The Crown of Prince Wilhelm
  • The Crown of Duke Karl
  • The Crown of Duke Fredrik Adolf
  • The Crown of King Karl X Gustav
  • The Baptismal font of Karl XI
  • The King Sveno Tapestry

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